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Prince Harry goes for a brisk run in tights

It isn’t uncommon to see joggers out for a morning run around London; it is uncommon to see Prince Harry among those running.

Outfitted in tights and running shorts, the prince went for a 17 minute run around Willesden Green with the youth being supported by The Running Charity.

The motivational run by the organisation included Prince Harry, one of his Met Police personal protections officers and a group of homeless young people who are being helped by the charity.

During his time in the Army, Prince Harry would have to run the distance of a half marathon, so the two-kilometre jaunt was nothing for him.

Claude Umuhire, a charity programme officer who was once homeless, spoke to Hello! Magazine: “He didn’t find any of it hard, I think he’s been training just for today. He found everything easy.”

Umuhire tried to give Prince Harry a hard time as he led the group in a warm-up and run, but the prince was well prepared for the morning.

The excitement of having the prince run with the group transferred to the public who recognised him and stopped to get a good look.

“There was a woman who was pulling out of her driveway then she realised who he was and she drove in front of us and started taking pictures of him,” Umuhire added on.

“And as we were leaving, there was a guy at the traffic lights who looked across and did a double take – the joy in his face, it was so funny, his eyes just opened up, he was so happy to get a glimpse.”

The morning even had a connection to Harry’s mother, Diana, Princess of Wales. The homeless youth who were running live at the Depaul hostel in north-west London. In 1995, Diana opened the hostel and connected with the youth just like Harry does today.

“She really connected with the young people, and returned in a private capacity to play ball games with them,” Martin Houghton-Brown, the UK chief executive of the Depaul group of hostels said.

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