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Prince Harry gives into sharing his popcorn

On Wednesday evening, Prince Harry sat down for what he thought would be an enjoyable Volleyball game when the adorable two-year-old next to him stole his popcorn.

Meghan Markle may have been all anyone has been able to talk about, but Emily Henson, daughter of Hayley and former Invictus and friend Dave Henson, changed all that. While sitting on her mother’s lap during the UK v Denmark match, she decided that Prince Harry’s snack would be much better.

Known for his playful side, Prince Harry pulled the popcorn away when he realised what was happening before quickly giving in to the toddler. Harry fed Emily, while Emily in return tried to have Harry kiss her toy, much to the amusement of Hayley who was photographed laughing away.

A spectator told the Daily Mirror:  “It was adorable. Harry looked so relaxed and was having great fun.

“He’s such a nice loveable guy. He’ll definitely make a great dad one day.”

Dave Henson was the UK Team’s first captain at the Invictus Games in 2014; he also won bronze in 200m at the 2016 Paralympics. When fighting in Afghanistan, Mr Henson had both his legs blown off in 2011.
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Since the inaugural games, Prince Harry has become good friends with the Henson family.

Prince Harry has shown that he has been great with children over the last few days, spending lots of time with them in front of the CN Tower on Tuesday night before a reception.

He has said in the past that he would one day like to have children of his own, and with his girlfriend Meghan Markle showing up at two Invictus Games events as of writing this, we could be on another Royal Baby watch by 2019!

There are only three days left of the Invictus Games which ends with the Closing Ceremony on Saturday featuring Brian Adams, Kelly Clarkson and Bruce Springsteen after the week-long event; we may see Meghan at least one more time.

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