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Meghan Markle’s Canadian home for sale

Meghan Markle has put her Toronto house on the market, and in fact, Saturday was the open house.

The house at 10 Yarmouth Road is just on the outskirts of the entertainment district and offers three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a double garage. The property has a clapperboard style upper-storey, very popular in Canada with the plentiful supply of timber that is around. The interior décor is very light and modern, and you cannot escape noticing in one of the pictures the casually placed Union Jack cushion.

The one thing that will definitely be different about her London house in the grounds of Kensington Palace is that it may be quieter. It is clear from the pictures that the neighbouring detached houses are way closer than in Britain. Though the landscaping allows for some entertaining space in the back garden, to say nothing of a very open and spacious area beneath the house which is described as being perfectly suited for family time.

The house is on sale for $1,395,000 and is being sold on its merits rather than being flagged up as her former home, but it is probably something that will not escape prospective purchaser’s minds. It is a sign of how things are changing for her, and how no longer a house in downtown Toronto, but soon she will be living in a cottage in the grounds of a Palace. Her colleagues in the cast of “Suits” being replaced with new relatives many of whom will guide her, as no doubt many senior actors did in the past.

It is clear as one chapter closes with the sale of her Toronto home, a new and exciting one is beginning. One that sees her joining the Royal family of the United Kingdom, and a welcomed addition to a well-loved family where she will perform her duties with the aplomb she handled her engagement interview and her first function in Nottingham.

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