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Man is arrested, admits threatening to kill Prince Harry

large__8726003219A man has been arrested and has admitted to making threats to kill His Royal Highness Prince Harry. The man is identified as homeless Ashraf Islam  – a British to Muslim convert.

These threats came just a day after the murder of Royal Fusileer’s Drummer, Lee Rigby. As a serving soldier, Prince Harry’s security is said to have been quietly increased. In the Army, he is an officer in the Army Air Corps, a unit responsible for providing firepower from the skies, playing a unique role on the modern battlefield by delivering hard-hitting support to ground forces during the key stages of a battle. Prince Harry is considered ‘at risk’ from extremist attacks because of the nature of his job, combined with his status as a senior member of the Royal Family.

Tomorrow, the Prince’s new Private Secretary, Edward Lane-Fox starts work for Harry – sources say we’re likely to see a lot more of Prince Harry performing Royal engagements, yet also maintaining an Army career.

The 30-year-old Ashraf Islam is in custody awaiting sentencing after he pleaded guilty to the offence of  at Uxbridge Magistrates’ Court on 25 May.

The Metropolitan Police’s Terrorism squad were said to have investigated the case, but terror charges are not being brought against Mr Islam, according to BBC News.

Recently, with Prince Harry’s tour of the United States, we have been subtly reintroduced to the kind, thoughtful and cosmopolitan Prince which the media had neglected on reporting for so long, after certain scandals involving the Prince’s private life.

The Prince is currently said to be in a relationship with Cressida Bonas.

photo credit: DVIDSHUB via photopin cc

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