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A pesky pony tries to bite Prince Harry during a visit to Scotland

A Shetland Pony almost took a bite out of Prince Harry in Scotland on Tuesday as he and Meghan Markle visited Edinburgh Castle.

The pony, Cruachan IV, is well known to royal watchers as he had previously made headlines last year when he tried to eat The Queen’s flowers.

The fifth-in-line to the throne was stroking the horse on its nose when he tried to take a bite out of Harry’s hand, probably expecting a carrot.

Last year the pesky pony nibbled Her Majesty’s posy as the 91-year-old Monarch petted the animal during a visit to Scotland.

Cruachan IV is a friendly a three-year-old dark brown Shetland Pony who greets royal visitors when they make a visit to the country.

He is also the mascot of the Royal Regiment of Scotland and was appropriately dressed for the occasion.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are undertaking their first official joint engagement in Scotland today to meet members of the public, learn about the local community, and celebrate young people as 2018 marks Scottish Year of Young People.

The engaged couple’s first stop was Esplanade, located in front of Edinburgh Castle.

Here, they were welcomed to the city by the Royal Marines Scotland Band. The 33-year-old Prince became Colonel-in-Chief of the Royal Marines last year after his grandfather, the Duke of Edinburgh, retired from public duties at the age of 96.

Once inside the castle, Harry and Meghan watched the firing of the traditional One O’clock Gun. The gun has been fired daily since 1861 to mark the time for ships.

They will undertake a couple more engagements later this afternoon. Royal Central will keep you up to date.

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