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262 elephants have been saved thanks to Prince Harry

Over the years, many people have stood back and said we should protect animals in the wild, but Prince Harry has recently put his skills and time into actually making a difference on the ground. He has spent some time over in Malawi working with an assisted migration scheme with a large group of over 250 elephants. In this country, we are quite adept at using sheepdogs and whistle commands to move small sheep, however, elephants are somewhat bigger and Prince Harry’s training in the Army as a helicopter pilot came in very useful.

His easy-going nature and willingness to make friends across the board, has also gone down well with those working around him. He is helping “Africa Parks” a non-profit making organisation which is working to help wild animals and villagers co-exist with a number of initiatives across Southern African countries. The director for Africa Parks in Malawi, Patricio Ndadzela said:

“He is amazing and down to earth. He is very social but a respectable gentleman. We ate together at the camp and we camped in the same grounds – this is unique for someone of his status.”

And after being in a warzone fighting the Taliban, the odd crocodile does not seem to raise his pulse.

“He was very at home, nothing bothered him,” Ndadzela bragged. “We were close to a river and there were thousands of crocodiles and he was not scared!”

This project will continue next year, the organisation owns three reserves within Malawi and after they have increased the numbers of elephants in two of the reserves in the south of the country and the aim is now to move approximately 500 elephants from these reserves to the Nkhotakota reserve in the North. This once held herds of up to 1,500 elephants but these were decimated by poaching to around 100 animals. This year, helped by Prince Harry about 260 elephants were moved there from Liwonde National Park and next year a similar amount will be moved from the Majete Wildlife Reserve.

I am sure Prince Harry will be most welcome to join them again next year, but if you too would like to see how you can help please go to .

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