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The Duchess of Gloucester to visit France

The Duchess of Gloucester will undertake a three-day visit to France in April where she will attend the Davis Cup.

The 70-year-old Duchess will attend the premier international tennis event in the capacity of Honorary President of the Lawn Tennis Association.

Birgitte will travel to Rouen on April 7th, staying for three days of competition.

France will host Great Britain for the quarter-finals of the competition in Rouen,

As the current defending champions, Great Britain is the top ranked country in the Davis Cup.

GB beat Canada to qualify for the quarter-final in February. The Duchess of Gloucester was present for this match also to see the two countries compete against each other for only the second time in history. The last occasion was in 1967 at Bournemouth, where Team GB won 4-1.

The Duchess of Gloucester is not the only member of The Royal Family to visit France this year.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are currently visiting the country on a two-day visit, which is said to be happening to help smooth relationships with France as the Brexit process begins.

The Prince of Wales, alongside Prince William and Prince Harry, will also visit France at the same time as the Duchess of Gloucester.

Prince Charles and his sons will not be watching the tennis, however. Instead, they have the far more solemn duty of commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge at the Canadian National Vimy Memorial.

The Battle of Vimy Ridge was part of the greater Battle of Arras and took place between the 9th of April and the 12th of April in 1918 as part of World War I. Four divisions of the Canadian Corps faced off against three divisions of the German Sixth Army. Vimy Ridge is seen as Canada’s most impressive military victory and a symbol of the birth of Canadian National Pride.

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