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Royal thanks from The Duchess of Gloucester

The Duchess of Gloucester has written a letter to the Bermuda Regiment to thank them for their responses and efforts in the aftermath of Tropical Storm Fay and Hurricane Gonzalo. The Duchess is Royal Patron of the Bermuda Regiment and wrote to Commanding Officer Michael Foster-Brown.

The Duchess pointed out in her letter that she had followed the progress of the storms with great concern and that she was relieved that the impact was not more serious. She added, ” I am very much aware that the Regiment has done a superb job in getting Bermuda back to normal business so quickly and that very many of its personnel have now been working on clearing up, from Gonzalo and from Tropical Storm Fay, for what is now a long time.”

Lieutenant Colonel Foster-Brown stated that he and the Regiment were grateful for the Duchess’s letter and her well wishes for the people of Bermuda though he added, “We are also conscious that our mission is not yet complete and there is much work yet to be done.”

The Duchess of Gloucester continued in her letter, “I am conscious that personnel have been doing this work for the wider community when the demands of clearing up and repairing their own family homes will often have been on their minds. The Regiments contribution to getting the airport open so quickly has clearly been particularly important.”

In her final words to the Bermuda Regiment, the Duchess told the soldiers, “You have obviously worked very effectively with not only your counterparts from other Bermuda organisations but also with the shore parties from HMS Argyll.”

Hurricane Gonzalo was a powerful Atlantic hurricane that had disastrous consequences in the Lesser Antilles, Bermuda and on the 20th October the remnants of Gonzalo headed for the United Kingdom and Ireland. The remnants of the hurricane have since moved on to Central Europe where Munich Airport recorded gusts of up to 108 km/h.

The Duchess of Gloucester has been Royal Patron and Colonel-in-Chief of the Bermuda Regiment since 2006.

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