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Back to school for The Duke of Gloucester

On Tuesday, The Duke of Gloucester was in Bracknell to open Crown Wood Primary, following the school’s £5m refurbishment.

Work on Crown Wood Primary started in 201o, and has resulted in improvements that have doubled the school’s capacity to 620 children. The Primary school now boasts four new classrooms, and a refurbished dinner hall and play areas.

“We have waited a very long time and we’ve been working so hard to be smart, to be beautifully behaved, to do our work beautifully and all the time we were doing that in a building that wasn’t really up to what we wanted it for,” said Antoinette Butler-Willis, the school’s Headteacher. “Finally we have this beautiful unit and I am delighted for the children.”

The Queen’s cousin was given a tour of the building by the pupils, before being entertained with some music by A-level music students from the Easthampstead Park Community School in Ringmead.

The Duke addressed the pupils in the brand new assembly hall. “You are probably wondering why we need to open it when you’ve already been having lessons here but it is a good opportunity to look back and remember the old school,” he said. “It is a time to realise now you have this, you should all put it to very good use and to see it as a place you look forward to coming to because you’re going to learn all sorts of things.”

“I congratulate all those who took part in building the new school and I would like to wish the very best to those who teach and who are taught,” he concluded.

Before leaving, The Duke of Gloucester signed the visitor’s book, and unveiled a plaque to commemorate his visit.

Featured photo credit: Charlie Dave via photopin cc

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