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Prince Philip keeps diary full of engagements

The Duke of Edinburgh has got a substantial 30 engagements lined up for the next two months; this being a sign that he is back to his full fitness.

The 92 year old Prince had reportedly told his aides to “fill up my diary” despite being admitted to hospital for two weeks last year after an exploratory operation.

Buckingham Palace sources have said that Prince Philip “loves being active” and his age is not an excuse to slow down.

Despite the Duke’s health problems last year, he still carried out 184 engagements in 2013, with four of these being overseas engagements.

Some of the engagements that Philip will attend in the next couple of months include visiting Aldershot barracks of the Grenadier Guards and a reception for The Canada Club at Buckingham Palace.

Shortly before he turns 93, the Duke is expected to visit Normandy for the 70th anniversary of the D-Day landings alongside The Queen.

The visit to Normandy is rumoured to be Her Majesty’s last overseas visit. However, with the busy schedule that The Queen and Prince Philip have this year, there is no evidence that either of them will be ceasing with Royal visits any time soon. While other Royals, such as Prince Charles and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, begin to increase their Royal schedules, The Queen and Prince Philip will continue to take part in Royal functions and visits across the country.

The Duke has been admitted to hospital a number of times in the past few years. Back in 2011, he was forced to stay in hospital over Christmas where he had a stent inserted for a blocked coronary artery.

He was twice hospitalised in 2012 with a bladder infection. When his grandson Peter Phillips was asked whether family members would advise the Prince to slow down, he replied “who would be brave enough to do that?”, showing, once again, Prince Philip’s dedication to his Royal duties.

photo credit: Mikepaws via photopin cc

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