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Prince Philip’s librarian and archivist of 65 years, dies aged 84.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s longtime librarian and archivist, Dame Anne Griffiths, has died at the age of 84.

Dame Anne had been working for Prince Philip even before The Queen’s Coronation in 1952, and stacked up 65 years of service before her death.

She was described by a journalist who met her in 2011 as having a: “infectious sense of humour that instantly endears her to you and makes you think well of her boss: if Prince Philip likes her, he must be all right.”

Dame Anne was a close aide to the Duke of Edinburgh and controlled the public and media’s access to private footage and films that Philip personally shot in his younger years.

It is said that the Duke wanted some of the footage released, however, his staff vetoed this idea as they believed the footage was too personal for public consumption.

Speaking to the Daily Mail in 2010, one television executive said: “She [Dame Anne] is a wonderful old school royal servant – terribly charming but as tough as steel and she won’t let us near his stuff.’

Dame Anne Griffiths passed away on Friday at the age of 84.

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