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Prince Philip Steps Down As President Of Fields In Trust, Prince William Takes Post

The Duke of Edinburgh has today announced he has stepped down from his post as president of the Fields in Trust charity. Prince William is to replace him.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s long established connection with the Fields in Trust organisation began when he became involved in the project shortly after his marriage to the then Princess Elizabeth in 1947. The organisation, which was then called the National Playing Fields Association aimed to provide playing fields and public areas for young people to play sport on, so as to stay off the streets and not cause trouble.

A famous video exists of the Duke of Edinburgh promoting the association, which was recently shown at a reception for the British Film industry at Windsor Castle. (see below).

The Duke of Cambridge, who has already established a connection with the association during the Diamond Jubilee when he stepped up to promote playing fields, is to take the presidency of the organisation, after Prince Philip leading it for over 60 years.

According to the Daily Mail, a spokesman for the Duke of Edinburgh said: ‘Following The Duke of Cambridge’s patronage of the very successful Queen Elizabeth II Fields Challenge, he is delighted to take on the presidency of Fields in Trust.

‘The Duke of Cambridge shares The Duke of Edinburgh’s passion to safeguard outdoor spaces for future generations.’

This latest patronage for Prince William comes as Prince Philip noticeably reduces his own duties as he is ageing now and Prince William himself being expected to take up full-time royal duties and quit the RAF sometime very soon.

photo credit: BiblioArchives / LibraryArchives via photopin cc

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