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Prince Philip set to see return of his favourite ale

 Prince Philip looks to enjoy the taste of his favourite beer yet again along with reports his request for a bottle of a new tribute version of Double Diamond has been accepted by the ale’s brewery.

The Duke had reportedly gone without his original beer of choice since Carlsberg UK made the decision to discontinue production of the full-bodied ale in the early 1990s.

Following discovery of the Burton-on-Trent brewery in Staffordshire, private secretary Brigadier Archie Miller-Bakewell penned a letter of thanks to the establishment on behalf of the Duke, requesting a sample of the new Dual Diamond: “It was very nice of you to suggest that Prince Philip might like to try Dual Diamond beer.

“May I suggest that you arrange for the beer to be sent to Buckingham Palace, informing us of the courier details and date of delivery and we will make the necessary arrangements from this end.”

Old Cottage Brewery owner Mick Machin had created the newest version of the discontinued classic ale along with Kev Slater, who once worked at the brewery responsible for making Double Diamond. Author Ian Webster, who recently wrote a book comprising Double Diamond recipes by the name of Castle Gresley, also played a role in Dual Diamond’s creation.

Mr Webster spoke of his reaction to the royal request in an interview with The Sunday Express: “A finished copy of the book was sent to Prince Philip and I offered him some of the Dual Diamond as we’ve decided to do a limited number of bottles. Unsurprisingly, he said yes.

“It’s not every day you get to buy royalty a beer.”

 Prince Philip visited the birthplace of Double Diamond at the Ind Coope and Samuel Allsopp & Sons brewery on a royal visit in December 1995.

Much to the dismay of its loyal consumers, the brewery discontinued off-trade sales of Double Diamond, marketed as ale with the power to “work wonders” just eight years later. At the time of his visit, a unique “Royal Diamond” beer was sent to the palace.

Speaking on the lucky discovery of Dual Diamond, Royal biographer Phil Dampier said: “Philip will be delighted this new version of his favourite drink is back.”

The Duke of Edinburgh infamously prefers a pint to a glass of wine. The 94-year-old rejected Italian Prime Minister Giuliano Amato’s offer of a selection of fine Italian wines at a dinner in Rome in 2000, instead calling for a beer: “I don’t care what kind it is, just get me a beer!”

By way of contrast, the Queen’s favourite tipple is the sweet wine-based Dubonnet cocktail, made using dry gin, Dubonnet Rouge, a dash of orange bitters and slice of lemon.

While the Royals are most frequently seen enjoying glasses of bubbly, the Prince of Wales is said to be partial stronger stuff; his favourite cocktail is reportedly a 50:50 Martini made with equal parts gin and dry vermouth.

Though the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge enjoyed luxury cocktails when they first met as students, the Duke is now more likely to be seen with a pint than a “Crack Baby” – made with passion fruit juice, vodka, raspberry liqueur and a champagne topping – while the Duchess now prefers water and soft drinks among other non-alcoholic beverages.

Meanwhile, Prince Harry is said to prefer toasts involving Cîroc Ultra-Premium Vodka – made using grapes – or a concoction of vodka and Red Bull.

Each to their own!

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