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Prince Philip receives gifts from well-wishers as he recovers from surgery

Yesterday, the Duke of Edinburgh underwent a full hip replacement surgery. As the Duke is recovering and expected to stay in hospital for a few days, gifts have been arriving at hospital from well-wishers.

Earlier today several people arrived at the private King Edward VII Hospital in central London where Prince Philip is recovering from his scheduled hip replacement surgery. Those people had brought along several gifts for the Prince including a basket with Belgian Godiva chocolate and several flower arrangements. A large bouquet consisting of orange and yellow flowers came from the well-known Fulham flower shop. A woman was also seen bringing in a bouquet of purple flowers and a card to wish the Prince a good recovery. Currently, two policemen are standing guard outside the doors of the King Edward VII Hospital.

The Duke of Edinburgh was admitted to hospital after weeks of pain. He was forced to cancel several engagements due to hip problems. The surgery, which took place on Wednesday, was successful, and the Duke is “comfortable and in good spirits” according to Buckingham Palace. The Duke will have to stay in hospital for a few more days. Her Majesty remained at Windsor Castle but is continuously updated on the health of her husband.

If everything goes well and the health of the Prince keeps improving, he should be able to attend the wedding of his grandson Prince Harry and Ms Meghan Markle on the 19th of May. Buckingham Palace has stated that further updates on the Duke’s recovery will be issued “when appropriate”.

The 96-year old Prince Philip is not the only British royal who underwent a hip replacement surgery at such an old age. Also, the Queen Mother had a hip replacement surgery at the age of 95.

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