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Prince Philip ‘accepts’ new Land Rover

On Friday, the Duke of Edinburgh kindly accepted a new Land Rover at Balmoral Castle, on behalf of the team at Braemar Mountain Rescue.


The replacement vehicle has been presented to the Braemar Mountain Rescue Association after the Order of St John, Scotland, made a generous donation towards its purchase. The Order of St John is an organisation that aims to help others by supporting mountain rescue across Scotland. They have provided rescue bases and vehicles for mountain rescue teams such as Braemar, and are expanding their system by providing boats for Scottish rescue boat services.

“This kind donation helped us replace an ageing Land Rover with a new vehicle, which is essential to supporting our mountain rescue work in Upper Deeside and the Cairngorms,” said Malcolm MacIntyre, the Support Manager with Braemar Mountain Rescue Association. “I would like to thank the Order of St John for their continued support and our Patron HRH The Duke of Edinburgh for accepting this on our behalf.”

Braemar Mountain Rescue was formed in 1965 as a result of the increasing number of mountain accidents. Today, the volunteers at Braemar, who deal with over forty incidents each year, give aid to those lost in the mountains. In addition to that, they have a yearly programme of lectures, visits and displays which spread word of the importance of mountain safety and rescue. If they can, the team also helps Police Scotland in their search for missing people. Prince Philip is a patron of the Braemar Mountain Rescue Association.

Photo credit: 4 Cdn Div/4 Div CA – JTFC/FOIC via photopin cc

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