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Prince Harry cheers on athletes

As temperatures soared into the 40’s including humidity Prince Harry arrived at York Lions Stadium to cheer on the athletics taking place. Coming off a successful Opening Ceremony where Meghan Markle made her first appearance, Prince Harry was in high spirits greeting some of the athletes and taking in the competition.

Despite the heat, tickets were sold out, and the crowd were more than happy to cheer on their loved ones.

Upon arrival, sans Meghan Markle, Harry attempted to sneak through a side door. He quickly took his seat in the crowd. Apart from the odd person pointing him out, he blended in. He then took to handing out awards to the ladies who in return called him up onto the podium for a group picture.

He then ventured inside to speak with athletes, once again taking every care in the world to make sure they all are comfortable, have what they need and above all, are having fun.

He stopped to pet one member of Team USA’s service dog and talked to last year’s Team Captain for Team USA, Will Reynolds about the heat and how he, unfortunately, didn’t make his heat in running.

What was supposed to be a few hour visit, was running a good 30 minutes behind. Prince Harry also left early for reasons unannounced.

This evening, Prince Harry will attend the Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award Ceremony.

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