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Duke of Edinburgh pulls out of engagement due to illness

medium_6435765423His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh has pulled out of a gala reception this evening at St James’s Palace due to illness, Buckingham Palace say.

The Palace stress that the Duke will attend tomorrow’s Coronation anniversary service.

The Queen will go ahead and attend the reception for the Royal National Institute for the Blind at St. James’s Palace, whilst the Duke recuperates at Buckingham Palace for tomorrow’s service.

The Duke of Edinburgh, who turns 92 on Monday, is said by royal sources to be suffering with only mild illness and that this non-attendance is not cause for concern.

Last year, the Duke of Edinburgh missed part of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations due to a bladder infection. Prior to that, he had been hospitalised for the original bladder infection.

The Palace haven’t as yet provided details of the Duke’s illness. The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh were expected to attend the reception at St James’s Palace together, at which they were due to be performed to by Il Divo and singer Michael Ball.

Prince Philip recently became the oldest male member of the Royal Family in history and is noted to continue to enjoy good health, even in his advanced age.

photo credit: Royal Navy Media Archive via photopin cc

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