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Duke of Edinburgh: “I can’t stand up for much longer”

The Duke of Edinburgh has spoken out today about the news of his retirement from royal duties.

At a reception hosted at St James’s Palace, a guest said to the 95-year-old: “I’m sorry to hear you are standing down.”

In his usual wit and dry sense of humour, Prince Philip replied: “Well, I can’t stand up for much longer!”

It was announced on Thursday morning that The Queen’s husband is to step down from public duties in the autumn.

Buckingham Palace made the announcement after all members of Her Majesty’s household were gathered at Buckingham Palace for a highly unusual staff meeting.

The Duke of Edinburgh is not accepting any new invitations for visits and engagements, although he may still choose to attend certain public events from time

The statement from the Palace added that the Duke has the full support of Her Majesty The Queen at this time.

The 91-year-old monarch will continue will her full program of official engagements with the support of other members of the Royal Family.

Prince Philip is currently associated with an impressive 780 organisations, but he will no longer play an active role in attending their engagements.

The Duke of Edinburgh will celebrate his 96thbirthday in June and has been by The Queen’s side since their marriage in 1947.

He follows in the footsteps of Prince Henrik of Denmark, the husband of Queen Margrethe II of Denmark, who retired from public duties on 1 January 2016 at the age of 80.

  • TamarindWalk

    How good it would be if we had a person of his stature in the White House.

    • Mary Ellen Englert

      We do Donald Trump!

      • Sandra Marringer-Peterson

        You’ve got to be kidding. Trump gives nothing to anyone and hasn’t done anything for society. He’s a plague on our government. Can’t even compare the two men. Seriously, that’s incredibly delusional to even try to compare the two.

        • rick081956

          Phillip was wildly unpopular at first. But, over time they realized his worth, his service before and after he married QE2. “Trump never giving to society”, not sure how you justify that, he gave enormous amounts to charity and donates his meager salary now. He can’t give anything to us in his office today, as we pay for whatever “he gives”.

          • Sandra Marringer-Peterson

            I understand what you are saying. BUT…Trump cares for no one but himself. He is a malignant narcissist. And all charitable contributions given are a tax write off. Not given as an authentic, caring gesture to anyone or anything. He is incapable of feeling as normal human beings generally do to their fellow man. He would never be seen helping out in, let’s say, a soup kitchen on Thanksgiving. He has NO real compassion for anyone. His remark when he was interviewed at the beginning of his announcement to run for president that Senator McCain is only a war hero cause he was captured, I like people that aren’t captured, ok? How sick and immature is that? And that’s just the first thing I heard that formed my immediate opinion on what a person wanting to be a world leader should NOT be saying. It showed me a man with the character on a small, petulent, misbehaved child. And he’s no better now than he was then. So in my opinion The Duke of Edinburgh has had a privileged and long life. He has served his country and the people with respect. He has EARNED respect. Trump hasn’t EARNED one ounce of respect in my eyes. His behavior is atrocious and I look forward to the day he is gone from office. I hope it’s soon. As far as his salary, I’d love to see exactly where that money is going. It’s a pittance compared to the amount of money it’s costing us taxpayers to protect him and his family who have seen fit to travel willy nilly all over the world, all the trips to Fl, the cost of security in NYC. Most presidents enjoyed the refuge and security already in place at Camp David but apparently that’s not good enough for Trump. I supposed there’s not enough golden toilets. I’m sorry but I cannot find one excuse or justification for any of Trumps nonsense.Campaigning before his first 100 days in office is outrageous. Constant obsession over his electoral college map, taking out a TV ad? Come on now…really? Does he not have any other work to do then stand on a stage for the glory of applause? I’m sick of this man and his henchmen and pray it’s a bad dream and will be over very soon

          • UF

            So are you saying you don’t like President Trump?

          • Sandra Marringer-Peterson

            Haha, yep I would say so 🙂

          • Hamilton Jones

            We should remember that that comment was made in response to degrading comments McCain made concerning Mr. Trump.

      • Adam Whitehorne

        Comparing a self serving moron like Trump to the Duke? Are you insane?

        • UF

          The Duke is a very nice man with absolutely NO power whatsoever.
          Donald J Trump, who is not self-serving (well no more than say Obama or Clinton) and certainly not a moron (he is a billionaire) is currently the most powerful man on Earth.
          THAT makes YOU a moron.

    • Sandra Marringer-Peterson

      Yes it would.

  • joann

    I have read all your comments below and I assume you are all Democrats and have done all the damage of hate in the US. Trump has not been given a chance to see what he can do, because of the anger imposed on him.As with Prince Phillip he was not liked to start but after awhile things changed and given the chance people are proud of him .Happy retirement Prince Phillip.

    • UF

      Please stop being so measured and sensible. You’re right of course. But you’re taking all the fun out of this hating here. LOL.

  • UF

    A billionaire snake oil salesman/ huckster.
    Queen Elizabeth is a lady. President Trump is no lady.
    Prince Philip is a gentleman. Both are wonderful figureheads.
    Donald Trump is the President of the United States of America by election and is hence the most powerful man on Earth.
    There most certainly is a world of difference, which YOU don’t get yet.

    • PU57 TANGO

      The unfortunate things is that Chump has desecrated the seat and office of the President of the United States. A person of low intelligence he is grossly incapable of doing the job for which he has been elected. In this respect the people of America that voted for him should hang their heads in shame. This person has the ability and intent akin to a dictator of an underdeveloped country who is out to benefit himself and his family. His election says a lot about the American people, they are easily hoodwinked by loud and empty emotional rhetoric that is adverse to the well being of their nation. They have been sold down the river by the equivalent of a despot.

      • UF

        Wow. How absurd.

  • UF

    Prince Philip stands up a good deal better than many men a good deal younger.
    He’s worn pretty well all things considered.

  • Czech

    He, the Queen and Princess Royal, Anne, have been really hardworking royals who deserve respect, while Prince Andrew and his brood, Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice, are pathetically lazy, all they do is vacation and enjoy life at the expense of others.

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