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Camera Club honours their “most famous member”, Prince Philip

Nearly as old as it’s “most famous member”, the Accrington Camera Club is celebrating not only their 115th birthday but also one of their one, Prince Philip.

After sending some his own pictures that the Duke of Edinburgh took on his own while bird watching after the club wrote to him on the occasion of Queen Elizabeth’s silver jubilee in 1977, the Camera Club made Prince Philip an honorary member.


Vice-president Harry Emmett told the Lancashire Telegraph: “At the time we were told we’d have no money to mark the Queen’s silver jubilee.

“So instead we just thought we’d write to Prince Philip because he was president of the World Wildlife Fund, to see if he’d help us out and send something.

“We were so surprised then when a van turned up from Buckingham Palace with some of his prints.

“We then invited him to be a member, and we got a phone call from his secretary saying that he accepted, which was brilliant.

“It’s still nice to see after all these years that whenever the groups he plays a part in are listed, it says he’s a member of our camera club.”

After the announcement was made that the Duke of Edinburgh is retiring from public engagements, the club is sending off a congratulatory card thanking him for his membership and his service to his country.

Emmett continued: “We’re still really pleased, it was so exciting at the time, he’s definitely our most famous member.

“We hope that even though he’s retiring, he doesn’t retire from his hobby of photography.”

Emmett has been a member of the 45 strong delegation for 50 years. The group is hosting their 2017 exhibition at Haworth Art Gallery in June.

“There’s going to be quite a lot of interesting work on show, there’s a lot of good photographers around today,” Emmett added.

“We hope people will take inspiration of this, Prince Philip, and all our history, and get involved.

“A lot of people just don’t take the trouble in the digital age, it’s a shame.”

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