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130th anniversary of London Youth celebrated by Prince Philip

The Duke of Edinburgh has celebrated London Youth’s 130th anniversary at a reception at Buckingham Palace.

London Youth is a large network of over 300 local youth organisations who aim to support young people across London to achieve their full potential.

The reception was held to mark a milestone for the Duke of Edinburgh’s oldest patronage. Prince Philip became the patron of London Youth in 1947. The patronage marked his very first charity patronage. Over the next 70 years, the Duke of Edinburgh as attended over 125 events and engagements.

At the reception the charity’s supporters, youth workers and young leaders who all help in delivering the programmes offered by the charity in employability, the environment, tackling youth crime and youth work training.

The Palace grounds were transformed with mobile tennis courts, a climbing wall and a fencing court.

Youngsters had the chance to build catapults, fence, play tennis and rock climb.


Prince Philip, in his typical light-hearted spirit, joked with 14-year-old Da-Shane Monfries who was fencing with an opponent using a plastic sword. He asked, “Have you killed your opponent yet?”

People at the event had a lot of praise for Prince Philip. Jas Hothi, a sports development officer who works for the charity, said: “The huge thing for us about the Duke is that he’s involved; he’s active. He goes to two to three youth clubs a year, and he will meet young people at the club, and he will speak to them.”

Jas Hothi also commented on the Duke’s down-to-earth nature: “You would think he’s cut from a different cloth, but he understand what they are going through, from poverty to problems at home.”

The Duke of Edinburgh, while not taking part in the activities, was keen to watch guests participating in the events the reception hosted. He viewed a display showcasing the history of the charity and was awarded a medal in recognition of his support.

The Duke of Edinburgh will be stepping down from public duties come this autumn, but until then he has a busy schedule.

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