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Yalding teenager convinces Prince Charles to pose for ‘selfie’ on Kent visit

A bold young man convinced the Prince of Wales to join him in taking a ‘selfie’ on the Royals visit to Kent today.

Some of Joseph Wilson’s mates urged the teenager to try and take a picture with The Prince. Wilson was in line to meet the Royal couple today for his part in rescuing several people during the flooding. Joseph, his sister Laura and their father saved 19 residents who were stricken by the flood. Using a canoe, they began to transport marooned villagers and pets to safety. “He just congratulated us on our role in the floods and thanked us for being so helpful to everyone. He talked about how it’s really good to have organisations like the Sea Scouts and the Cadets to encourage people to learn these skills, which can prove invaluable if the situation demands it,” Wilson told Kent Online. Wilson then made his bold move, “I asked him for a photo. He took it very well. He chuckled to himself and then I took the photo and he just started laughing. He was cool with it.”


Prince Charles and his wife Camilla visited the community ravaged by the worst flooding in decades on Wednesday morning. The witnessed the damage that remains from the Christmas Eve disaster when the river banks broke and caused massive flooding.

The couple discussed the impact of the flooding with area business owners and the group Community Resilience. The group is aligned with Business Emergency Recovery Group, one of the Charles charities.

In July 2013, Charles and Camilla visited Kent’s Historic Dockyard at Chatham and toured Whitstable.

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