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Why Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall deserve a lifetime of happiness

Royal Central’s Deputy Editor gives her view on why Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall deserve to be happy.

Have you ever been in a relationship and knew the person was just not right for you but leaving wasn’t a solution? I have, and I mostly regret that time in my life. I continue to tell myself that good things did come from it and everything happens for a reason, but it also makes me feel for Prince Charles and some of the awful comments posted about his relationship with Camilla.

As I try to explain my reasoning behind why everyone should leave Prince Charles and the Duchess to live peacefully, let us all pretend we don’t even know who Diana is as I start.

Prince Charles was a young lad when he first met Camilla; it is said he fell in love with her from the outset. However, his duties pulled him away and Camilla, who felt the same, was unsure of his commitment, so she became engaged.

Now even if Camilla did divorce her husband in the early days, Charles would not yet be allowed to marry her, so he was tasked with finding another bride, all while being in love with Camilla. So imagine the person you love most in the world, then you are told you can’t be with them but need to find someone else. Most of us would not fair well.

Charles met Diana, and she had all the makings of a perfect future Queen. She was young, beautiful, innocent and, at the time, seemed soft-spoken and obedient. Charles was already being pressured to finding a bride as he was in his thirties with no prospect and further pushed in a letter by his father, Prince Philip to make his mind up, and fast, about Diana.

Charles didn’t have the chance to marry for love; he had to marry for what was best for his country and to produce an heir.

While not technically an arranged marriage, if you took out all the names, on paper it would come across pretty close as one.

I find it hard to believe that anyone reading this would be okay with all of this. Now Diana was also as uncertain as Charles and had the two had open communication that most traditional relationships rely on; the marriage would have likely never happened when they both realised that the other one was not happy.

Diana did her duty and gave Charles and the United Kingdom, not one, but two heirs to the throne. Yet, despite their love for their boys, both were still not happy.

Charles was unfaithful first, and I am in no way defending his actions, but Diana was not all innocent. She quickly took on other lovers as they both looked for comfort.

Charles and Diana reached the agreement that their marriage was not worth working for, yet, still at this time Charles would not be permitted to marry a divorcee.  Camilla knew her chances for happiness with Charles were slim, but the couple slowly worked on increasing her presence.

After the untimely death of Diana, Camilla knew that she once again must take a backseat. The work, Prince Charles’ PR team, was doing to gain the public’s approval of her would have to work ten times as hard.

Not only would Charles and Camilla have to win over the support of their families, but they would also now have to now win over the approval of approximately 60 million citizens as Camilla would one day be standing next to Charles as he takes the throne.

Eight years later, they achieved their goals and were able to become husband and wife. Camilla has always been careful never to put a toe out of line and exercised years of patience so she can accompany the man she loves.

A relationship is hard enough to navigate away from the public eye, but throw in the rules of the Monarchy, the criticisms from the public and the shadow of the women the world adores; only true love can conquer those.



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