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Why Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall deserve a lifetime of happiness

Royal Central’s Deputy Editor gives her view on why Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall deserve to be happy.

Have you ever been in a relationship and knew the person was just not right for you but leaving wasn’t a solution? I have, and I mostly regret that time in my life. I continue to tell myself that good things did come from it and everything happens for a reason, but it also makes me feel for Prince Charles and some of the awful comments posted about his relationship with Camilla.

As I try to explain my reasoning behind why everyone should leave Prince Charles and the Duchess to live peacefully, let us all pretend we don’t even know who Diana is as I start.

Prince Charles was a young lad when he first met Camilla; it is said he fell in love with her from the outset. However, his duties pulled him away and Camilla, who felt the same, was unsure of his commitment, so she became engaged.

Now even if Camilla did divorce her husband in the early days, Charles would not yet be allowed to marry her, so he was tasked with finding another bride, all while being in love with Camilla. So imagine the person you love most in the world, then you are told you can’t be with them but need to find someone else. Most of us would not fair well.

Charles met Diana, and she had all the makings of a perfect future Queen. She was young, beautiful, innocent and, at the time, seemed soft-spoken and obedient. Charles was already being pressured to finding a bride as he was in his thirties with no prospect and further pushed in a letter by his father, Prince Philip to make his mind up, and fast, about Diana.

Charles didn’t have the chance to marry for love; he had to marry for what was best for his country and to produce an heir.

While not technically an arranged marriage, if you took out all the names, on paper it would come across pretty close as one.

I find it hard to believe that anyone reading this would be okay with all of this. Now Diana was also as uncertain as Charles and had the two had open communication that most traditional relationships rely on; the marriage would have likely never happened when they both realised that the other one was not happy.

Diana did her duty and gave Charles and the United Kingdom, not one, but two heirs to the throne. Yet, despite their love for their boys, both were still not happy.

Charles was unfaithful first, and I am in no way defending his actions, but Diana was not all innocent. She quickly took on other lovers as they both looked for comfort.

Charles and Diana reached the agreement that their marriage was not worth working for, yet, still at this time Charles would not be permitted to marry a divorcee.  Camilla knew her chances for happiness with Charles were slim, but the couple slowly worked on increasing her presence.

After the untimely death of Diana, Camilla knew that she once again must take a backseat. The work, Prince Charles’ PR team, was doing to gain the public’s approval of her would have to work ten times as hard.

Not only would Charles and Camilla have to win over the support of their families, but they would also now have to now win over the approval of approximately 60 million citizens as Camilla would one day be standing next to Charles as he takes the throne.

Eight years later, they achieved their goals and were able to become husband and wife. Camilla has always been careful never to put a toe out of line and exercised years of patience so she can accompany the man she loves.

A relationship is hard enough to navigate away from the public eye, but throw in the rules of the Monarchy, the criticisms from the public and the shadow of the women the world adores; only true love can conquer those.



  • Is that what you call it!? “Navigating”!?

  • Carlos Dyer

    These days people want to know to much when it comes to the royal family and should mean exactly what it stands for and people care to leave them alone to sort out their own affairs

  • Carlos Dyer

    Private should mean private and people should leave them alone or face stiff punishment

    • Margaret Fell

      What do you mean ..lock us in the tower ..get a life

  • Guest

    He and that tramp carmulea never cared about privacy.He could have married her from the beginning.Instead of involving an young girl who was innocent of his lust for a seasoned ho who idolized a great great grandmother who was the king whore.It is widely known carmulea has said she wanted to be just like her. They deserve nothing but hell for what they did to PRINCESS Dianna and her 2 Children.It will not end good for these two. Charles will never be king

    • Paula Red

      He could NOT have married her – get your facts straight. You can read why at many places and understand, that is if you want to, which is doubtful.

      • deborah

        He could have married her, but it would have change his status. Thank god things change.

    • Kathleen Ames

      Oh yes he will. At least they only loved and had one affair unlike Diana who had at least 6 and then hounded the men with phone calls day and night when they dumped her because they could not keep up with need for constant attention. If you talk about whores, look no further than the Saintly Diana..

    • deborah

      Bertie was the worst! I’d forgotten Mrs K being Cam’s relative.

  • Carrie

    I 100% Agee with the editor. They both deserve happiness and I am happy for them. I loved Diana however, she is gone. Let them live their life in peace. Did GOD put us on Earth to judge? That is only for him.

  • MumIsBusy

    Whatever their pasts, Camilla has always seemed infinitely more suitable for Prince Charles. Was he previously prevented from marrying her because she would be a divorcee? She is infinitely more discreet and non-attention seeking and is not ‘needy’ like Saint Diana.

    • Sylvia Peet

      Charles was jealous that Diana was the star and got the attention. Camilla looks like an old dog: ugly, and no one would pay more attention to her than Charles. She is a combination of his mommy and a lover. Diana was a beautiful young woman who was adored. Camilla is not and will never be. Yes Camilla is more discrete but she is also 50 years older than Diana.

      • meatthepenthouse

        Camilla is only 12 or 13 years older than Diana but not 50.
        She seems to be a very decent woman.

  • MH Gibson

    May I make a couple of quick remarks which are left out of the “They’ve suffered enough, let them be happy,” articles:
    1. Very early on Charles told Diana he didn’t love her and he was just doing his duty. She was 19 and naturally insecure in the circumstances.
    2. Women who care for their husbands and are told that not only did he not care for her, but was actually cheating on her *are* without fail, “needy”. There are many stronger words one can use here, and any person in this situation could provide them — but to blame Diana for reacting normally (seen as “making trouble” by Charles’ fans) is biased and totally unfair, not only to her but also to her boys who knew exactly what was happening.

    • Nelly

      How do you know ? You only have to watch the early days, when Charles couldn’t keep his hands off Diana, he very proudly took her on walkabouts and guided her on what to do. She was an adulteress, and a liar. She behaved like a common person, with her antics , and telling friends things that they shouldn’t have known. 300 calls to the Gilbey Gin heir, made by her, because he had enough sense to stay away from her. All documented. That was just for starters.

      • Rosa Leeann Boyle

        She had her issues Abandoned by her mother and sent to a Private School where she was isolated but as a woman she made the ultimate mistake taking up with Dodi F. And not thinking of her Children First.

      • Jan Pea

        You are an idiot. She did not see any other man until he was back with Duchess Tampax for several years. Why shouldnt she be happy too? She said in her book her had nothing more to do with her after Harry was born. Do the math. Hewitt was much later, Charles had abandoned her for several years at that point. Camilla and he were the adulterers, and she spent time with him on the royal train the night before he married Diana. Diana said it was not her. DUHHhhhhh.

        • Nelly

          I have news for you: I am not an idiot. I have a lifetime of experience with people that tell lies, expertly. One in particular can become hysterical and in one of her divorces managed to tell such heart breaking stories , that her husbands own family turned on him ! They found out the truth, after the damage she caused, and the divorce happened. You can’t possibly know all the crap that went on with Diana and Charles, unless you believe all her smirking talk about Three people in this marriage; she was an opportunist, thought that she could do as she pleased and nobody would believe that “innocent little Diana” was capable of such nasty things. There was fault on both sides, but the first thing that comes to mind is that she threw herself down the stairs, landing at the Queen’s feet. She was 3 months pregnant at the time , and knew it. Not rational behavior, definitely not.Nobody knows what went on in their lives, not even you, Missy.

    • HLuckstedt

      She did have the right to say no to the marriage. Why didnt she? I liked Diana but she was no angel and was immature in many ways. She was not ready for this kind of marriage and the tragedy was it was open to the public. She was a good mum yes but not a wise wife. In the case of Camilla she was also a catholic which was also a no no in those days. So she had two black marks to overcome. Diana is now not with us. And life must go on. Camilla is showing herself as well suited for her job and it is obvious that she and Charles are very happy together. Let Diana rest in peace.

    • Kathleen Ames

      What evidence do you have for him telling Diana that and, more importantly, Diana was ‘needy’ long before she married. She was disturbed when she arrived and disturbed to the end.

      • deborah

        And what is your proof that Diana was disturbed? Charles and his falseness tore her apart, and she was locked in a situation where no one took her side. No one. In spite of all that, she was a loving mother, and served the family well. Their unpopularity existed long before Diana. In fact, she saved the royals. Her boys are universally loved. Hail Diana!

  • Nelly

    I have a print out of a national newspaper , that was written and printed in that edition. In it , they said that they had “fully documented 5 count them , FIVE affairs that Diana had while married and they had two more that they were tracing the evidence on. Then Diana died, and became a saint. What irony. Camilla divorced her husband, a well known womaniser, because he got the 19 year old Nanny pregnant , and had to marry her. Nannies at that level come from really good families, hence the scandal.The divorce had nothing to do with Charles and Camilla , but Diana’s febrile imagination was in full swing. Strike first and throw up lots of sand and nobody will see the truth. That story she told of Charles wearing cufflinks with entwined C’s , standing for Camilla and Charles, were in fact Chanel, and the entwined C’s are their trademark; people fell for it, stupidly, just as she knew they would. Lastly. while everyone was busy talking about Charles agreeing to being in love, “whatever that means “, nobody ever noticed that Diana said”Of course ” her facial expression said not.

    • Ann Cooper

      BS. Charles boinked Camilla from the time her two kids were born. He returned from the military and resumed his affair. The Queen was livid when she found out Camilla was the wife of one of his guardsmen and friends. He had MANY affairs with married women. Diana had affairs when he returned to Camilla after Harry was born (2.5 years into their marriage)–she needed love too, and he was committing adultery with Parker Bowles all along. Neither of them are honorable or deserve respect. Both are cheap chippies.

  • vegastearoom

    Leave Prince Charles alone. He has suffered enough. Is he as perfect as his mother? No, but he has done a very good job in difficult times and circumstances. He is a very good father, vis s vis HIS father, and will make an excellent king.

  • Jan Hillsboro Ninetysix Waite

    I have the utmost respect for our Queen and admiration for all She has done for this country. Charles acted like a spoilt brat when he was with Camilla the first time round. He couldn’t make a commitment to her so left her and went away in the forces, he didn’t ask her to wait for him, he assumed she would. Diana was used as a pawn and a baby making machine. He never loved her and carried on with his mistress leaving his WIFE feeling unloved and neglected. She found that “love” in the arms of other men. Yes she was silly but depression does that to you. You try to find someone who understands you. Charles will, as the Queen’s heir, become King, Camilla will never be MY queen. Let them be “happy” although how they can live with themselves is beyond me. But none of us are saints and we are all found wanting.

    • Valerie Grace Haven

      I totally agree! Poor Charles and Camilla? Ha!! IF he loved her from the start he would have asked her to wait and IF she loved him she would have waited on him!! Just because someone asks you to marry them doesn’t mean you have to say yes! Those two and the media killed Diana!! He was cruel to a young innocent woman that did infact want to make her husband happy.. Once you are hurt over and over, as Princess Diana was, no one should judge her for the way she acted!!! What has your precious Camilla done for the UK and any causes? I was just thinking the other day when news came of Prince Phillip’s retirement, what is Camilla getting? I don’t know of one cause that she is patron of? I am sure there are many but, I’ve never heard of one!!! What does she do but accompany Prince Charles. At least Princess Diana stood for many many good causes and was not afraid to take risks! Charles is to blame and so is she, you will never change my opinion of your poor poor Prince and that homewrecker!!!

      • Kathleen Ames

        You must live on another planet from me. I suggest you look at Camilla’s charities that she does on her own apart from accompanying the Prince. Diana was only interested in doing anything that got her picture in the papers and on the news. She did nothing without an entourage and hounded each of the men who eventually dumped her because they could not take any more of her attention seeking.

        • Sigrid Halvorssen


    • Kathleen Ames

      Diana knew exactly what she was getting into. She was disturbed and ‘needy’ when she arrived and was disturbed to the end. She had an inordinate need to be the centre of attention all the time and when she wasn’t she threw tantrums. She wire everyone out with her demand. She upset all Charles’ staff and Palace staff with her petulance.

      • Sigrid Halvorssen

        You’re just repeating the vile Penny Junor’s propaganda. You know she’s only angling for a reward?

  • Christine

    Fidelity lost the respect its due and reflections link too easily with earlier monarchs escapades through Europe and around the u k . Diana was mistreated as a Skelton in the closet and the leader if the church had no duty to do what he did. Camilla should have not engaged in adultery.
    I can’t change my opinion about the example I seek from public leaders.

    • Kathleen Ames

      Nor should Diana and she did it at least 6 times that we know of. At least Charles & Camilla loved only each other and did not bed hop like Diana.

      • deborah

        So speaks the carefully cultivated voice of the reader of tabloids.

  • Mandy Elverson

    Still can’t stand her

  • Carmen Chambers

    They are both desgusting and deserve each other
    there is no throne anymore
    I don’t care what Diane did
    He whored around the day They were fist married
    Poor young girl looked for love she didn’t have at home
    And she looked in all the wrong places
    And Camilla wasn’t the only one he whored around with
    I don’t like either one of them
    Yes they do deserve each other
    They are ugly as sin

    • deborah

      He was following the long standing tradition of English Kings. Diana stood up for all women when she didn’t accept it.

  • HillyB

    I take issue with the Editor’s statement that Charles “sinned” first. He admitted he had after the marriage had irretrievably broken down. So, I think it is possibly a toss up as to which “sinned” first.

    I also believe that he was besotted with Diana. On the first tour to NZ seeing them both, up close and personal, he seemed absurdly proud of her. Nelly had the right of it, he couldn’t keep his hands off her and guided her on walkabouts. But, two people of such divergent tastes and passions could never sustain a relationship on sex alone.

    So yes, it’s time to leave the past where it should be, twenty years ago and look at what Camilla has done for the BRF. She has been for Charles as Philip is for Elizabeth, their strength and stay, and Charles seems much happier these days, in fact he flourishes and, as time has passed, he has rediscovered the freedom to laugh when he wants to and he does. There is a joy in that relationship that is enviable.

    Camilla has carved a role for herself coming late to the rigours of royal engagements and her choice seems to be Charles first and then the rest. Surprisingly, more and more of ‘the rest’ find her witty, charming and an asset to the family.

    • deborah

      C & C never broke their bond. It was dishonest and deceptive and hurtful.

      • HillyB

        Umm, and you know this how?

  • JayPee

    What is wrong with you all? He lied to an 18 year old girl who had always been in love with him. He never loved or intended to love her: he loved and was sexually involved with a MARRIED woman (he will be the head of the church of England: “thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s wife”). Camilla was rejected as his prospective wife by the palace because she was NOT a virgin (his family rules and one of the obligations of his extreme wealth and privilege). He was a serial adulterer (screwed many of his friend’s wives), and he ruined Diana’s life and subjected his family and sons to great sadness and stress. Im sue he did not tell Diana he he wanted her to breed an heir, but loved another. Charles is not an honorable man. I have sympathy with him for not being able to marry the woman he wanted, but lying to and ruining another woman’s life for his own purposes is not right either nor is it the answer. Im sure he could have found someone who would have been content with his wealth and the position, that woman was NOT Diana. Camilla says its “making mountains out of a molehill.” It culminated the ruination of Diana’s life, her death (rather than being home with her family), and great pain for their sons, embarrassment of his family, and Camilla’s ex husband and her kids and family. And, its a violation of one the main tennants (10 commandments) of the church he is to head. They are both selfish pricks.

    • KD

      Well said. Diana was a TEENAGER when she got married… 19!!!!! The Royals used her as a breeding machine. As a teenager you would just be starting to date. She was naïve. The Prince of Whales wants to marry you when you’re 19??? Then you find out its all a sham to breed you? She’s sinful for taking lovers? What is she supposed to do?? Her husband was a 30 year old adult when he married her and he started the marriage off in a lie. I don’t blame Diana or Camilla…blame Charles and Queen E. Those are the scoundrels. I don’t understand how Prince William and Harry can stand their father and grandmother, but I guess they would rather ignore the ugly and get paid by grandma to do royally…nothing.

      • Nelly

        It was Prince Phillip who told Charles to marry her, and get on with it. It was the Queen Mother who, with Diana’s Grandmother, conspired to bring them together. As for the sons , they knew what was going on , they saw how their Mother behaved. They love their Father,. why not ? He’s their anchor in what is becoming an increasingly insatiable desire to know all. Reportedly, 2 weeks before the wedding, Diana wanted to pull out, but her sisters told her that she couldn’t, even joking about her “Face being already on the tea towels >”

      • Annie Cope

        Diane was 19 years old, and a member of the Sloane rangers, not exactly a shy immature person as represented in the press at the time who were promoting a fairy tale wedding. She was not a commoner who had no idea of royal duties, she was fully aware of what would be expected of her. It didn’t work out, life has moved on, now let her rest in peace and respect the privacy of her sons.

    • Nelly

      The one who “screwed ” as you so elegantly put it , was Parker Bowles, Camilla’s husband , they divorced because he got the Nanny pregnant, and she was from a very good family. He was a well known womaniser, not Charles.

  • Simon DW

    Is it because they got away with the Murder of Diana which was arranged by the whore of Babylon herself? Royalty is an illusion! Wake the fuq up

  • deborah

    Fine, let them have it. But please don’t let him be king. Not after all that happened. He took advantage of an innocent young girl, gave her no support when she she was deeply in pain. She was a great mother to his sons. We owe her memory respect. Camilla is a slap in the face.

  • Amy

    And selfishness

  • HillyB

    In the sense in which Diana said there were 3 in the marriage, had she been honest she would have said there were 5 or 6. And the Daily Fail tabloid has the same credibility as the National Enquirer.

    • deborah

      I agree, how do we know anything? But many sources in print, books, otherwise, vouch that Diana was an innocent when she was married, Charles was long entwined with Camilla, and that the latter did not cease. Are you really trying to say that Diana was the first to “stray”? Absurd. How many cries for help can a young woman, insulated by her circumstances and centuries of straying royal husbands, make? That she recovered, went forth, maintained her own identity and sense of what good she could do in the world, speaks well of her. Look at her sons. How lucky we are to have them.

      • HillyB

        I am trying to say read ‘Diana: Her True Story’. The original version, the first bombshell, and one that people were sure that Diana had encouraged her friends to spill all to Morton. The fact that we learnt after Diana’s death that it was 95% Diana’s words. Her staunch belief that he wanted to get rid of her to marry Tiggi Legge-Bourke and caused and scene with the poor woman about a non existant pregnancy that ended in miscarriage. Both Diana’s words, one in a book the other in front of witnesses at a social event.

  • rick081956

    I like Charles, but realize he is going to be a speed bump for the Monarchy. Taking on a position as King, at his age might well be a reason to abdicate for William to take over, who I feel can start a decades long rule with less baggage. He may have a better chance of continuing the popularity, as I do believe Charles will suffer from during his reign which won’t be reversed.

  • Michael Steven Chavez

    I”m so glad that God, through his Son, Jesus Christ, is so much more forgiving than so many people who post comments about the Wales divorce or about HRH the Duchess of Cornwall’s appearance. Diana is gone, Camilla is here and she makes her husband happy; let’s let Diana rest in peace.

  • Sigrid Halvorssen

    What an idiotic article.

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