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The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall visit 70th Power Boat Squadron

The second engagement of the day saw the Royal couple visit 70th Power Boat Squadron and visit power boats involved in the Normandy Landings.

The Royal couple were met at quayside by Rear Admiral (Ret’d) Neil Rankin. After introductions of Rankin’s three colleagues who played key roles in organising the Thursday’s display, Charles and Camilla were greeted by Powerboat crew members.



Charles boarded one of the Powerboats, M.G.B.81 to tour the upper deck and engines before crossing over to a second boat, H.S.L. 102.

Camilla was escorted by the Chief Executive of the Portsmouth Naval Base Trust (the permanent home of the Powerboats) to a marquee nearby, where she met a small number of D-Day veterans from a variety of Regimental backgrounds. The Royal couple met veterans in the marquee upon the conclusion of The Prince’s Powerboat tour.

Featured photo credit: UK in France

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