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The Duchess of Cornwall’s milestone birthday plans

On 17 July, the Duchess of Cornwall will be celebrating her 70th birthday. However, despite such a milestone, she will be playing things low key.

One reason for the down to earth festivities may be because her summer birthday falls just a month before the 20th anniversary of Diana, Princess of Wales death on 31 August. Having a lavish celebration would be seen by many as disrespectful, and although Camilla has been a member of the Royal Family for 12 years now, she still needs to tread lightly protecting her image with the public.

No large party is in the works, but the Duchess does have a more family affair in mind, telling The Sun: “I think what we will do is have a tea party,

“We will get them to bake a cake together and we will have a singsong of Happy Birthday.”

Family has always played a big part in her life, and she testifies it to her happiness.

“Obviously my husband, my family, my friends and to see my grandchildren when they are all playing together and happy,” she said when asked what brings her joy. “When I come back from a trip, that first moment I see them with their sweet faces gives me such joy.”

During this past Royal Variety Performance, the Duchess revealed to singer Lady Gaga that her grandchildren also call her “gaga” when she and Prince Charles met the performers before the show started.

The Duchess of Cornwall has five grandchildren, Eliza and twin boys Gus and Louis (children of Laura Lopes nee Parker Bowles), Lola and Freddy (children of Tom Parker Bowles). Eliza was a bridesmaid at the wedding of Prince William to the then Kate Middleton.

She is also Grandmother to her stepchildren’s kids, Prince George and Princess Charlotte (children of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge).


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