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The Duchess of Cornwall was known as the growler in school

The Duchess of Cornwall was in Central London on Friday morning. She spent time in the studios of BBC Radio 2 with morning DJ, Chris Evans. There, she met Blondie frontwoman, Debbie Harry and the other band members. Camilla was there to support the 500 Words children’s writing competition, the children’s contest spearheaded by Evans.

The contest is in its 7th year. Founded by Evans, it encourages children from ages 5-13 to send in stories of no more than 500 words. It received a staggering 131,798 entries this year. The Duchess has been supporting the contest since 2015; she is an avid reader herself and a huge supporter of literary organisations.

Camilla told Harry after the show: “I was always known as the growler at school.”

Harry replied: “That can help in rock.”

Camilla, encouraged by the comment, added: “I’d probably be quite good growling away in the background.” She then met the rest of the band members who presented her with their latest album, Pollinator. After she told them how she was an admirer of their music; and that she was glad “you’re all still going strong.”

After meeting Blondie, Camilla joined the judging panel as an honorary judge. The judges included authors Malorie Blackman and Francesca Simon, screenwriter Frank Cottrell Boyce and author and actor Charlie Higson.

Camilla chatted with Ms Simon after the radio show, saying: “It’s really difficult – you put them together then you read them again. I know the ones I like but I cannot put them in any order – they’re all so good.” The panel is responsible for selecting the bronze, silver, and gold in the two age categories. The 5-9 and 10-13 winners will be announced during a live broadcast of Evan’s show at The Tower of London on June 16th. As a treat, for any of the students present, they will receive free passes to the tower for that day.

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