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The Duchess of Cornwall: A Commonwealth Big Lunch

Following this week’s Commonwealth Service, the Duchess of Cornwall continued the celebrations with ‘The Big Lunch’ at Barn Croft Primary School in London. The purpose of these festivities was to bring together and rejoice in the diversity of the 53 Commonwealth nations, all of which are overseen by The Queen. In total, the Commonwealth represents approximately 2.4 billion people across the globe, which demonstrates the importance of the revelries.

Earlier in the week, The Royal Family came together to begin the Commonwealth celebrations, which began with a service at Westminster. This event also marked Megan Markle’s first public appearance with The Queen. Over the next few weeks, other Commonwealth engagements will follow, with many members of The Royal Family joining in on the festivities.

Initiated by the Eden Project and in partnership with the UK government, Commonwealth Big Lunches aim to bring people together through food. The Duchess of Cornwall became Patron of The Big Lunch in 2013, and has since watched its success prosper. At Barn Croft Primary School, roughly two-thirds of students come from a diverse background, with a total of twenty-five languages being spoken, making The Big Lunch a way to unite over the strength of Commonwealth bonds.

The Duchess of Cornwall overseeing children bake at ‘The Big Lunch’, one of the many Commonwealth Day Celebrations. Photo Credit: @ClarenceHouse Twitter.

In the days leading up to the lunch, students made decorations and had great enthusiasm for the event. Upon her arrival at ‘The Big Lunch’, Camilla greeted crows before she met with children taking part in Commonwealth activities. The Duchess of Cornwall admired all of the commonwealth decorations before donning an apron to watch the children bake. Her Royal Highness even stepped in to help bake Australian Olive Damper and Indian Naan bread. Before her departure, the Duchess gifted a Big Lunch cake for everyone to enjoy.

The Duchess of Cornwall’s gift for ‘The Big Lunch’. Photo Credit: @ClarenceHouse Twitter.

Last year, more than 9.3 million people took part in Commonwealth Big Lunch events, a number which they hope will grow in subsequent years. This year’s Commonwealth theme of ‘Toward a Common Future’ represents shared inheritances instead of differences. The Big Lunch finds a way to bring people together through food, which is a magnificent way to make friends and create unity.


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