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Support For Prince Charles Becoming King Up By 13% In A Year

medium_3600410004A YouGov survey this month reports that support for HRH The Prince of Wales becoming King is up by 13% to half the nation supporting Prince Charles becoming the King of the United Kingdom one day.

In March 2012, polls showed that 37% of people supported the Prince of Wales becoming King and a poll conducted this month, 1 year later, shows that just 23% of people dislike the idea of Prince Charles becoming King, 26% of people are not sure and 50% of people support Prince Charles becoming King one day.

This compares with the survey last year where 37% of people supported Prince Charles becoming King, 37% of people being against the idea and 26% of people not being sure.

Also, the public opinion in favour of Elizabeth II staying on the throne for life has dropped slightly, in light of the Queen of the Netherlands’ abdication last month and her small drop in royal duties in old age. 33% of people think Her Majesty should consider abdicating one day, as opposed to 23% of people thinking she should do so in March last year.

Prince Charles is first in line to the throne and will be King when Elizabeth II dies, or abdicates (highly unlikely). At the time of the Royal Wedding, public support for Prince William being the next King was high, though has dropped since in favour of the Prince of Wales becoming next King.

At the age of 64 now, Prince Charles will become the oldest King to accede to the throne in British history if he accedes to the throne any time after 19th September this year.

With Queen Elizabeth II’s mother living to the age of 101, and Her present Majesty’s health looking as good as ever, Prince Charles’s accession any time soon doesn’t seem too likely.

photo credit: Downing Street via photopin cc

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