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Sky and Prince Charles make waves with ocean rescue environmental campaign

In partnership with satellite broadcaster Sky, His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales is backing an environmental campaign that is focused on spotlighting the ‘dire’ health of the world’s oceans.

Yesterday, Sky News began two days of dedicated coverage on the issue as part of the wider campaign, which seeks to minimise the quantities of plastic waste that end up in the ocean by altering consumer behaviour.

Prince Charles said: ‘I find it sobering to think that almost all the plastic ever produced is still here somewhere on the planet in one form or another and will remain here for centuries to come, possibly thousands of years. Sky’s ocean plastics campaign will hopefully create further awareness of this incredibly serious issue.’

Sky News has an audience across Europe of more than 107 million and through their programs will be communicating the issues and educating the public on how they can help address the issue. Examples include foregoing the use of plastic water bottles, cups, straws and micro beads, which are commonly found in skincare and cleaning products.

Sky chief executive Jeremy Darroch was quoted as saying: ‘We have, I believe, a strong history in using our voice to make an impact when it comes to environmental issues. The health of our oceans is in a dire state and we ignore it at our peril, so we are asking all our customers around Europe to help us to bring ocean health to the fore. We will put the full weight of Sky behind the campaign and I firmly believe together we can make a meaningful difference.’

Estimates say that there are (approximately) five trillion pieces of plastic currently floating in the world’s oceans. Eight million tons of additional plastic is added every year, and the hazard to the environment and the world’s wildlife has reached monumental proportions.

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