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Security ramps up ahead of Charles and Camilla’s visit to Ireland

The Gardai (the police force of Ireland) are carrying out a massive surveillance operation against dissident Republicans before the visit of The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall to Ireland this month.

Charles last visited the Republic of Ireland in 2002. This will be his first official joint visit with the Duchess of Cornwall.

Charles last visited the Republic of Ireland in 2002. This will be his first official joint visit with the Duchess of Cornwall.

The Special Detective Unit (SDU) has ramped up investigations leading to the arrival of Charles and Camilla.

The four-day visit by the royal couple to Ireland and Northern Ireland is scheduled for 19th through 23rd May.

Reports in Dublin hint The Prince and Duchess may visit County Sligo. They may also visit Lissadell House and Drumcliffe Church, the burial spot of Poet WB Yeats. Royal Central will report on exact details as they are released.

The area is important to The Prince of Wales. On 27 August 1979, tragedy struck when the Prince’s great-uncle, Lord Mountbatten, one of his twin grandson’s, Nicholas, and a local boat boy, Paul Maxwell also were murdered. An IRA bomb ripped apart the boat they were on in Mullaghmore in County Sligo in the Irish Republic.

Another passenger on the boat, the Dowager Lady Brabourne, died the day after the attack from injuries sustained in the blast.

The reports that: “Gardai are well on top of everything, and things are not as tense as they were ahead of the visit of Queen Elizabeth in 2011. However, there can be no room for complacency and detailed policing plans are being drawn up.”

Just like the visit of Her Majesty in 2011, the Gardai will be stationed throughout the routes where there may be a possible threat. Areas of high focus are street intersections and abandoned buildings. Marksman are to be positioned in various locations and manhole covers are to be sealed.

Clarence House announced the trip was being held at the request of the British government.

“Planning is still in progress, and more details will be released in due course,” Clarence House said in a statement.

Charles made the first official visit to the State by a member of the British royal family since independence when on 31 May 1995 when he travelled to Dublin.

The Prince made a second official visit in 2002. In April 2014, they welcomed Irish President Michael D Higgins to the UK during his state visit.

Photo credit: Community Spaces Fund via Flickr

  • tom fox

    The royal family are joke the want every thing but soon some one get photo of them they start crying and kicking off well in my eye it there job to be seen in pubilc not hide away in masion in the lap of luxury and shame on the queen go to see her horse before she see her grand child for haif hour they are total wrong in my eyes all rip of joke

    • Edward

      You do understand that your avatar is a crown do you?

    • llewellynh

      Harry loves the camera in the way his mother did though she was bullied by the paps. Harry seems to understand that part of his job is to appear to be accessible. Maybe some of the others will catch on.

    • Ricky

      What exactly did you expect when you came to a website called “Royal Central?”

      The Royal Family do not hide away in their homes, drinking champagne all day. If you could take a look at the Court Circular you’d see how much work they do, especially The Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh, and particularly Princess Anne. Their dedication to charity and to the British people is well documented, and if you did some research you’d know that.

      If you feel that way about the Royal Family, what did you hope to accomplish by attacking them? You took the trouble to read the article, compose your remarks, proofread them (I’m assuming), then posted them; and for what?.

      If you expected a sympathetic audience to agree with you, you’re quite mistaken. Republican sentiment is one thing, but attacks on the Royal Family aren’t welcome here.

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