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Royal rail steams into York

origin_3600410004Rail enthusiast Prince Charles will pay a visit to York’s National Railway Museum, on Monday.

As patron of the ‘Mallard 75’ exhibition, His Royal Highness will spend his morning on what is being labelled a “private visit”, touring the specialist museum.

In the most fitting manner, the Prince will arrive on board the Royal Train, being delivered directly into the museum’s facilities, which are situated at the back of York’s main railway station.

After arriving at the museum’s own station, the Prince of Wales will be taken on a tour of its many exhibits, with the museum being home to over 200 disused train carriages, including several former Royal Train carriages, some used by Queen Victoria.

The Prince has been known to take a keen interest in trains and the British rail networks, and only last year took to the controls of a London Underground train at the Bombardier plant, in Derby. It is well known that Prince Charles was extremely keen to convert the Royal Train to run solely on biodiesel, making it considerably more environmentally friendly. It was believed to be the first train in the world to run simply on such fuels.

origin_6697935737Sources say that His Royal Highness, a champion of many suffering industries, is visiting the museum as a mechanism to inject some much needed publicity, at a time when its future looks uncertain due to government cuts and serious financial strains. His visit comes as the world awaits news of the birth of his first grandchild, a future monarch.

I’ll be at the museum with the Prince on Monday as he travels around the exhibits. For updates, please follow me on Twitter- @JamieMcFadden_

photo credit: Downing Street via photopin cc

photo credit: Secret Pilgrim via photopin cc

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