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Queen Diana or Queen Camilla: People have their say

The Duchess of Cornwall’s popularity is on the up, but when it comes to choosing a Queen, more people would still want to see Princess Diana take the title.

A new poll by the Mirror newspaper has shown that 61% would have preferred the late Princess of Wales to be Queen when Prince Charles eventually takes the throne, while 14% said they would choose Camilla.

But up to 39% of 2,000 people surveyed indicated would like to see Camilla become Queen, a 7% increase from a previous survey in 2015.

According to the survey by ICM Unlimited, 22% have formed more favourable opinion of the Duchess over time, while only 7% said they viewed her less favourably.

Camilla turns 70 on Monday. She will celebrate the occasion with charities associated with her. A special dinner for family and friends that is expected to be attended by 250 guests will be held at Highgrove House, the family residence, today.

The future title of the Duchess of Cornwall has been the subject of a long debate, with some suggesting that she would never become Queen but rather styled as the Princess Consort.

Before her royal marriage in 2005, Clarence House indicated that Camilla had no intention to fight for the title and would want to be known as Princess Consort. The plans were even confirmed in the official wedding announcement. This, however, didn’t settle the matter as speculations continued to intensify over the years.

Diana once denied publicly that she wanted to be Queen. In an interview with BBC Panorama back in 1995, she expressed her wishes by famously coining the phrase ‘Queen of people’s hearts.’

‘’I always knew I’d never be the next Queen,’’ she said. ‘’I’d like to be a Queen of people’s hearts, in people’s hearts, but I don’t see myself being Queen of this country. I don’t think many people will want me to be Queen.’’

When confronted with the same prospect by an eight-year-old girl, Camilla left the door open, saying, ‘’You never know.’’

  • Jan Wheeler Lachowycz

    Camilla will be queen whether she uses the title or not. Right now, one of her titles IS Princess of Wales. She has chosen to use one of her other titles instead. Women take their titles from their husbands even if those men have titles which are lower in rank. Some good recent examples are HM The Queen and two princesses: Margaret and Anne. After her marriage the Queen was then rightly referred to as The Princess Elizabeth Duchess of Edinburgh. Margaret was The Princess Margaret Countess of Snowden and The Princess Royal was The Princess Anne Mrs Mark Phillips. (Of course that was Anne’s first marriage. Her current title of Princess Royal is pretty much used exclusively as it is a ranking which is quite high.). If Prince William had not been given a royal dukedom upon his marriage then Catherine would correctly be Princess William.

    • Suzanne Mead

      Only Diana her childreb’s mother shoyl d be Queen of England but since Camilla was divorced and didn’t wait for Charles so she married another and had his children with another man should be only Princess Consort. This is out of RESPECT for Diana and for her living children who have witnessed so much hardship in the past. It is the right thing to do.

      • Michael Steven Chavez

        There hasn’t been a Queen of England since 1707. The Queen is Elizabeth the Second, by the grace of God, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and of her other realms and territories, Queen, Defender of the Faith.

    • UF

      Wow are you ever off

      • Jan Wheeler Lachowycz

        How so? I’m interested in your answer so please let me know I am “off” with regard to my posting.

    • Nikh

      It is not a matter of legality anymore, it is not even a matter of principle, it is a matter of tradition and PR.

      Traditionally, the King’s wife is titled Queen, end of story. But, in this particular case you have a divorced King, who entered a relationship with his present wife while his previous wife was still alive. That, although perfectly legal, clashes with royal customs and if Charles becomes King, it will create various issues. For example, the Queen will have no relation with the heir to the throne, and her natural children will be commoners. Not to mention that when the King dies, if she’s still alive, she will not be called Queen Mother, what will she be called? And in the end of the day, if the logistics get so messed up, they lose their meaning. The whole point of royal titles is to preserve a natural course of things, a sense of stability, if they mess things up this much, their existence will lose its value.

      Also, no matter how much the media try to force feed the idea of Camilla now being loved by the people it will not magically become true. Even if the people are not hostile as the used to be, the disappointment in having a Queen that the greatest part of the population deem “unworthy” is simply horrible PR. The monarchy can’t afford another hit. Which is precisely the reason why Charles will never become King. We’re talking about a man who had a court case of allegedly raped employees in his household. Who admitted he had been unfaithful to his wife, the mother of the future King, throughout their marriage.

      If one thing is certain in this world, it is that the obvious solution to every problem is the most probable one and there is a very simple solution to this problem: Charles passes the throne over to his son, he never becomes King therefore Camilla never becomes Queen, the people have a royal couple they adore as King and Queen and an heir and a spare at the ready. The monarchy is safe. Case closed.

      • Michael Steven Chavez

        Dowager Queen works just fine.

  • Daisymay

    Diana is DEAD so Queen Camilla it is.

    • Maria

      Wow Daisymay, tell us how you really feel! We know she has passed. But dead all it capital letters? Bit much my dear. But MUCH!

      • Linda Petersen

        WAY TO MUCH

      • Daisymay

        Get over it.

    • Bonnie Jones


  • Penny Boose

    Diana, Princess of Wales would be so much better if she was only alive. <3

  • David Milazzo

    The palace PR machine has been working overtime trying to make Camilla look sympathetic.

    • Elizabeth Pease

      Yes, unfortunately so.

  • Diane Piotrowski Brown

    Fact is Camilla will be QUEEN no matter what the masses want or think. Look I adored Diana very much. But it is 20 yrs on. Camilla has been a rock for Charles. She has every right to be Queen. If Diana was alive ( I wish) and probably married this would be moot. Move on people. Let her rest.

  • Another_Moms_opinion

    The palace should stick to the promise they made which they only did to stem the outcry over her marrying Charles, that she will not be made Queen. The very thought makes me sick. I always turn from every photo she is in. This has all been PR. I don’t care how old she gets…camilla does not deserve to be queen.

  • Scott White

    This whole conversation could end up being moot. If the Queen lives for another 10 years like the late Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother did than that would put The Duchess of Cornwall at 80 and The Prince of Wales at 79. Who is the say at that point that The Prince of Wales is even physically able to undertake the full burden of the Crown when it is passed to him if he is still living by then. Regardless, the reign of Charles III if that is the Regnal name he chooses will be a short reign if and when it happens. The longer that The Queen lives the smaller the likelihood of Charles being crowned King. Also there is a chance that The Duchess of Cornwall could pass before The Queen which would also make this whole discussion moot.

  • Nina Johnson

    She doesnt deserve the title of “queen” and Charles doesn’t deserve to be “king”. I thought if you were divorced, you could not hold the title king or queen. I think the country would be better suited if Prince William and Catherine would become the King and Queen!
    Just saying

    • Carol Hyatt-Rentsch

      Thank you cause if that were the case QE2 wouldn’t be queen.

      • UF


      • Pat Derrick

        How do you figure that one out?

        • Margaret

          Edward VIII became king in 1935 and abdicated the throne in 1936 because of Wallis Simpson. Had he not abdicated, the Duke of York would not have become George VI and Princess Elizabeth would not have been QE2.

          • Scott White

            Edward VIII ascended the Throne in January 1936 not in 1935. 1936 has always been known as the year of the Three Kings. If Edward had not abdicated the Queen would of ascended to the throne in 1972 as he died childless. That is if George VI would of still died in 1952. It is believed that the stress of the abdication and leading the nation in the time of War played a huge part in the early passing of the King.

          • Margaret

            Thank you. Mea culpa.

  • Nikh

    Diana had her faults, as we all do, but in the end of the day, she was a teenager married to a 35 year old who didn’t love, care or respect her. Pushed and pulled by her (and his) family and friends into a crazy world where she was treated like livestock.

    I deeply wish Diana had never married Charles. She would now be alive and well, would have lived a good life, gotten a dozen children and two dozen grandchildren and her name would not be mentioned in idiotic sites such as this, to be used as a click bait and to once again, be of use to the royal family in some way. 20 Years after her death and she is still being used. At least, she is no longer being abused.

    Camilla and Charles are simply idiotic selfish creatures, they deserve each other. I truly believe neither will ever see the British throne, their advanced age will be used as an excuse and William will be King. All this is a charade.

    • RWJ

      Diana is dead because she went off to Paris to have a relationship with a rich Arab who the Palace disliked. She’s no victim. She was her own thinking, decision-making, resolute person. Let’s stop the charade that she was some sort of vulnerable, frail petal.

      • Nikh

        She was a victim. At 19, when she married Charles she was still a teenager. The royal family had a responsibility towards her not only because she was a part of their family now, but also because of the fact that they are the royal family, a fact that isolated Diana from the rest of the world. She hadn’t had the chance the rest of us (and them) had of developing her character normally in the first years of adulthood.

        They did not rise to that responsibility towards their -by far- youngest member, therefore they share a great deal of blame regarding Diana’s physical and mental state, and everything she had to go through to screw her head back into order after 10 years of institutionalization.

        Also, she was to blame for her death because she had a relationship with a rich Arab who the Palace disliked? 1400s much?

        • Pat Derrick

          Agree 100% with you

      • Pat Derrick

        You re a bundle of fun & empathy !

    • Pat Derrick

      Well said, especially the difference in age. Diana was meant to be a quiet, pretty but a slightly plump little wifey! They had no idea of how she would blossom & flourish

      • Nikh

        That’s for sure. Her youth was probably one of the reasons she was chosen, she must have seemed very malleable.

      • Margaret

        Like Jackie Kennedy.

    • Margaret

      There’s one thing I don’t understand: If Prince Charles really had feelings for Camilla, why didn’t they marry each other when they were still single? She never would have married Parker-Bowles and he never would have married Diana. Then we wouldn’t be having this discussion.

      • Nikh

        Because Camilla didn’t want the royal life and the royal life didn’t want Camilla.

        Her character was such -when she was young- that she would have been crushed by the system. I mean, she was worldly, she had money, she drank, she smoked, she wanted to party. That doesn’t bode well with royalty and she didn’t need the drama. Plus, she was a commoner, which back then was an issue. I’m sure she tremendously enjoyed having the heir to the throne following her around like a puppy, and she enjoyed it even more while he was married, having him wrapped around her little finger. I don’t think it was love, not until before they got married at least.

        Her first husband was her good match. They had similar characters, enjoyed similar things and were both a little loose when it came to the term marriage.

        As for Charles, he was definitely enamored with her but would never marry her, because everyone knew Camilla would never be fit for the part. And I don’t mean the “married to the king part”, I mean the “give birth to the heir to the throne” part. The Queen needed an aristocratic, clean bride to produce the heir to the throne, emotions are to be disregarded in such cases as these and Charles was always to awed by his mother to ever say no to her.

        Charles would never have married Camilla in the first place, the point is, it would have been nice if he hadn’t married Diana either 😛

        • Margaret

          If he was a good match for her, then she should have stayed with Parker-Bowles.

  • pamela traves

    I have great respect for Camilla and I would like to see her as Queen Camilla.


    Camilla and her friends keep on saying she doesn’t want to be Queen. Well, ok then! She should be known as Princess Consort. Legally she’s princess of wales, but no one calls her that, and that seems to keep everyone happy.

  • SweetNDN

    I will lose much respect for the Country if the women who broke up a marriage becomes queen, for she is no role model and deserves no respect nor the title….

    • Caroline

      I’m right there with you on this. Camilla has ZERO rights to be the Queen of England.

      • Pat Derrick

        Quite right I agree 100% Diana is probably test Queen that we never had, we were robbed of that chance

    • Tina

      She did not break up Charles and Diana. They both had affairs. Harry looks more like one of Diana’s lovers than Charles or Diana. No woman or man can break up a marriage. Charles had a romantic relationship with Camilla before he ever met Diana. It was an arranged marriage.
      It makes me sick that England has a queen who is so rich she could stop world hunger. The so called royal family are inbred people who think they are better than the “common” man.

      • Pat Derrick

        Put a sock i n it re Prince Harry Red hair runs in the Spencer family, Earl Spencer & one of Diana s sisters.

    • JudithK Walters

      I agree

  • Carol Hyatt-Rentsch

    Queen Diana all day every day. Whormilla NEVER.

  • Colleen Heck

    She should not receive the title of queen. Period. It would be in very poor taste and would be like spitting on Diana’s grave. Not respectful to the memory of Diana.

  • Elaine Mcginn

    Always LOVED our Diana. Camilla could not shine Di’s shoes!!! Karma is a beech!

  • Janice Sigler

    Charles should not be allowed to become King. He should step aside and let William become king.

    • UF

      He has no choice. He can’t step aside. It is a hereditary monarchy. The moment HM’s heart stops beating Charles is king

      • Scott White

        Actually he can step aside if he wishes too. He can sign a declaration renouncing his rights to the Throne. Then he would no longer be in the Line of Succession. He would also have to give up his titles as they do belong to the heir, and I would imagine IF it would happen, The Queen would give him the title of Duke of Windsor. But it would be very unlikely that this would happen. I would see it only happening if The Prince of Wales becomes incapacitated in some way which would prevent him from carrying out his duties. Both The Prince of Wales and The Princess Royal have learned since childhood that one must do their duty to Queen and Country and that it is a job for life. I know that this is not a discussion about The Princess Royal, but I do wish that The Queen would pay tribute to the Princess for all the hard work she has done over the years. We have heard her pay tribute to both The Duke of Edinburgh (which is only right and we will likely hear it again at the Christmas Broadcast, since he is retiring) and The Prince of Wales, and it is only fitting that she also pay tribute to the hardest working member of the family.

  • Bibi

    No! Both of them should never become anything.. He had no respect for Lady Diana nor that old bag had no respect for Princesa Diana.. They both took Princess Diana happiness away from her may her sweet soull rest in peace (Queen Diana). You will always be in our hearts as our Queen..

  • VR1837

    The Duchess of Cornwall is the Princess of Wales, and will be Queen Camilla when the time comes. I could not give a damn about the memory of the late Diana, Princess of Wales. She is nice and snug in her little grave dug for one, and should be left there. It is ludicrous to pander to the sentimental bigotry of the Diana Saddos. Their histrionics, full of vicious hatred, are pathetic, and their self righteous indignation is nothing but a load of hot air. The monarchy will not implode because of Queen Camilla, why should it? People will cope with the changes that come with a new reign, as they always have done in the past.

  • Caroline

    NEVER, EVER, NEVER should that woman be the Queen of England. The ONLY next Queen should be HRH Princess Charlotte. I literally can’t stomach Camilla.

  • UF

    Well Caligula made his favorite horse a proconsul of Rome with his own palace so….

  • Tina

    This is stupid. Princess Diana died a long time ago

  • Tina

    I think Great Britain needs to realize it is 2017. And you have this inbred family who has the title of king or queen. Why? Because they have that birthright? All of the so called royal family have a problem being faithful to their spouses and Diana was no different. She had many extramarital affairs. Harry is not Charles son. Look at him. And then look at one of Diana’s former lovers..

    • Scott White

      Yes Prince Harry doesn’t look like the Prince of Wales, but he bears some of The Duke of Edinburgh’s features. Compare pictures of Prince Philip at the same age Prince Harry is now and you will see it. Especially if you look at pictures of The Duke in a beard. Not all children look the same as the parents it doesn’t work that way. There is red haired people in Diana’s family, and do you really think that he hasn’t had testing to prove he is a Royal? And the lover you refer to. He says he is not Harry’s father, and the dates don’t match up anyways. Diana didn’t meet him til after he was born.

  • Kenneth Gray

    I would prefer him(Charles) to be leapfroged by William to be the next king with Kate as queen

  • Seth

    This discussion is irrelevant and moot. Diana has been dead for almost 20 years. When Charles becomes King, Camilla automatically, legally, becomes the Queen. Period. There is no other alternative. There is no account of what the public thinks; this is a monarchy, not a democracy. It happens automatically. If you don’t like it, unfortunately there’s absolutely NOTHING that can be done. It happens immediately and automatically. Diana is in the past. She becomes nothing when Charles becomes King, for two reasons. 1. She divorced him in 1996, losing any rights (by marriage only) to the title. 2. She died 20 years ago in August.
    Dead people do not have titles, by marriage or by birthright. No one can help you if you don’t like that for some reason. Camilla and Charles have been married for 12 years, longer than Charles and Diana. They are very happy together. Camilla works far harder and without complaint, than Diana ever did and is finally winning the public’s respect. I’m sorry if you don’t like it, I really am. But there is absolutely nothing to be done about it; it is what it is.

    • The succession is not necessarily quite so cut and dried as people seem to think. The wishes of Queen Elizabeth on the succession are likely paramount. If the Privy Council agrees, it is doubtful there is another initiative that is viable.

  • Wairimu Mutiti

    By all means, Camilla does not deserve the “Queen” title. She is a divorcee and has broken Princess Diana’s marriage. She also continues to fight Diana’s children and their interests as if breaking their mother’s heart and what befell her afterwards was not enough. Hopefully Queen Elizabeth does not make the mistake of making Charles the next King. This might end Britain’s kingdom with Camilla in power manipulsting everyone in the Royal family.

  • Shay Miller

    Dead woman as queen, great logic

  • JudithK Walters

    Queen Diana For Sure not Camilla

    • Gregory Ross Miller

      Queen Camilla definitely! Diana was a tramp.

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