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Princely gifts aren’t what they used to be

Prince Charles is a man of many talents. He’s an avid artist with watercolours, written extensively on matters religious, philosophical and social, exhibited a brief stint as a children’s author in writing The Old Man of Lochnagar, as well as applying himself to various matters of natural and man-made environments. As most princes tend to be, the Prince of Wales has applied himself wonderfully to a wide array of activities and arts. However, it seems that there is definitely one thing His Royal Highness falls short on.

According to his goddaughter, India Hicks, he’s not very good at giving presents.

Commenting on Instagram to her followers, the former bridesmaid to Princess Diana remarked that she remembers her first present from Prince Charles arriving on her eighth birthday, wrapped in a thick cardboard box and bearing a rather impressive ER stamp. After opening it and digging through the mound of straw that was used to package her birthday gift, she was rather confused to find that her princely godfather had seen fit to gift her with a gravy dish. Ms Hicks commented that she’d have rather received an Adam Ant poster, however after that it seemed that the Prince of Wales had developed a rather fixed ceramic theme.

As well as a gravy dish, he’d also sent her saucers, jugs, tea cups, plates, bowls and various other odds and ends that’d be more suited to someone trying to start a kitchen than a growing girl. Ms Hicks had always hoped for something else, but was constantly left disappointed. To be fair, the gifts were not cheap — all were sourced from Thomas Goode, an upmarket tableware shop located in Mayfair. However one might understand that an eight-year-old may not appreciate this little detail.

Each present was also presented with a handwritten note from the Prince himself, the contents of which are perhaps a little more heartwarming than the gift itself. One such message, with a dash of wry self-depreciative humour, read: “Lots of love for your birthday from your incredibly ancient godfather.”

Initially, the confusing presents were stored away in the cellar. However, Ms Hicks had eventually found a reason to unearth the mountain of tableware after she moved house.

“The mountain of Thomas Goode boxes have finally been brought up from the cellar, unwrapped, dusted off and put to use.”

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