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Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall attend ancient Prince of Heaven performance

Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall visited the Kerala Folklore theatre and museum today.

Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall visited the Kerala Folklore theatre and museum today.

As the Royal couple continues their journey through India, they are participating in a variety of cultural experiences.

The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall visited the Kerala Folklore Theatre and Museum in Cochin where they experienced a performance of the Narakasura Vadham (The Prince of Heaven) an ancient Hindu legend.

Upon their arrival, the couple received the ceremonial garland of flowers and vermillion tika placed on their foreheads. Camilla did remove her garland and tika once inside the building.

An array of dancers in colourful costumes and painted faces performed a piece from the folktale. The legend is of a female devil like spirit who attempts to marry the Prince of Heaven through trickery.

The story unfolds when the character Lalitha was sent to heaven by the demon king, who is also her father. Her mission is to apprehend the girls in heaven who are of beauty. Lalitha crosses paths with the fetching Jayanta and falls in love.

In order for the feeling to be mutual, she casts a spell that will allow her to be attractive in his eyes. The plan fails and he does not agree to her marriage proposal. She throws herself at him and he casts her off, realising she is repugnant.

Truly enjoying the performance, Charles told the dancers that the quick 5 minute show was “too short,” according to The Telegraph.

Before the performance, the couple viewed part of the museum which houses what is considered “India’s largest collection of traditional performing art costumes.” Upon looking at the costumes, Camilla mentioned; “That must be hot,” to the dancer who played the character of Jayanta.

The museum is seven years old and is home to over 4,000 artifacts. After a tour of the costumes and artifacts, the Duchess purchased an elephant carving in the craft and antique shop the museum runs.

Indian martial arts demonstrations were performed as well. The unarmed combat piece that had a fighter pull the other’s arm up in the middle of his legs, caused Camilla to cringe and utter “Ooh!”

The Royal Couple will spend two more days on their India tour before heading to Sri Lanka on Thursday.

photo credit: Jonnyboy2005 via photopin cc

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