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Prince Harry was “very glad” to walk behind Diana’s coffin

In a series of interviews to mark the twentieth anniversary of the untimely death of their mother, Diana, Princess of Wales, Princes William and Harry have spoken openly about that time from her death up to and including the funeral. Perhaps, also indicating some things which people were openly critical of at the time, in fact, were quite appropriate and necessary.

There were situations which were hard for anyone to cope with. As Prince Harry says, “One of the hardest things for a parent to have to do is to tell your children that your other parent has died.

He also said of his father, Prince Charles, that he did his best, and both he and Prince William knew he was there for them if they needed it. Prince William also acknowledged he was happy The Queen let them have a time for private mourning in Balmoral before returning to London.

The Princes also elaborated on that walk they made with their father, Prince Charles; their uncle, Earl Spencer; and grandfather, Prince Philip behind the coffin. Perhaps, also a clue to Prince Harry’s comment earlier this year that it is not something that a child should be expected to do. Rather that meaning he was against the idea, it reflects the comments of Prince William that the decision was a family one made after many discussions.

Prince William, who for the most part has seemed the shyer of the two, said his fringe came in useful. By looking down as he walked, his fringe fell forward masking his face and any emotion he may have been showing. Prince Harry in the BBC documentary echoed this brother’s words and indicated that it had been a group decision and one that, in hindsight, he was happy with.

For Prince William, who one day may be King, this difficult day brought home to him the two personalities he should have. Prince William, the young Prince who, in essence, had to do his duty and the young boy who just wanted to run to his room and cry. Similarly, Prince Harry since has realised that the sight and his brother and him taking part, brought comfort to millions and perhaps explains the high esteem that they both have with people across the world to this day.

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