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Prince Charles writes for Huffington Post on ‘Introducing ‘Global Sustainability”

medium_6422539963His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales has today posted an entry to the Huffington Post blogs about ‘Global Sustainability’. On his blog, the Prince also has a series of other posts which are centred around His Royal Highness’s life-long passion and interest in conservation and working to improve global sustainability.

The Prince of Wales’s latest post today explains how, “There is a growing set of alarming problems which, if not addressed with real urgency, will severely affect nature’s capacity to keep her life support systems running and thus guarantee the well-being of billions of people around the world.”

The Huffington Post is a news website and also blogging platform which many well-known figures take to to explain things how they see them.

In his latest article, the Prince says also, “If we are to guarantee the well-being of our grandchildren and their grandchildren, then genuine sustainability has to become embedded in the DNA of business and government.”

A film is also included on the post, however it requires a password to view it. The Prince says, “As this film shows, without a resilient approach to business and economics, I am afraid we run the risk of bequeathing those who follow us something far worse.”

Clarence House have not commented on nor tweeted themselves, the latest article.

See the Prince of Wales’s post for yourself by clicking here.

photo credit: tamara.craiu via photopin cc

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