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Prince Charles visits Welsh Guards

After attending the Remembrance Sunday service at The Cenotaph with the Royal Family, The Prince of Wales, Colonel, Welsh Guards, travelled to Wellington Barracks to meet service personnel and members of The Welsh Guards Association.

Charles was dressed in the traditional attire for Welsh Guards Black Sunday: a suit, medals, umbrella and bowler hat.

© Crown Copyright 2014, Sergeant Rupert Frere

The Prince, dressed in traditional attire for Welsh Guards Remembrance Sunday.
© Crown Copyright 2014, Sergeant Rupert Frere

The Prince was escorted by Major General Robert Talbot-Rice, Head of Combat Tracks Group. He then met Major Kevin Roberts, Director of Music, for The Welsh Guards Band and band members before joining a reception and luncheon for service personnel.

Prince Charles also met Mr Jiffy Myers who has recently taken on the job as Regimental Casualty Officer. The new post supports injured Welsh Guardsmen veterans as well as bereaved families. Since his employment in February Myers has visited 66 families of the bereaved or injured.

“I provide the link to the Regiment for the lads that have left the army. I am a familiar face and can be the point of contact with the Regiment to provide the support that they or their families need after service,” commented Myers.

Charles stopped in the Sergeants’ Mess where he met bereaved families before attending a service in the Guards’ Chapel with the families.

The Guards Chapel was destroyed on 18 June 1944 during the World War II bombing campaign. A total of 121 soldiers and civilians were killed, the largest loss of life by a single strike during the war.

The Prince then chose to join serving and former members of the regiment for the march down Birdcage Walk to the Guards Memorial on Horse Guards Parade.

The memorial was created to honour those members of the Household Division who died in World War Two as well as those serving their country since 1918. The Prince of Wales took the salute before laying a wreath and watching the march past.

To view additional pictures from the Welsh Guards Remembrance Day event, see Prince Charles and Remembrance Day: a photo essay on my blog Crown and Country.

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