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Prince Charles visits London Armenian Church

The Prince of Wales spoke of his ‘heartbreak’ over Christian persecution of in Iraq and Syria.

On Wednesday, Prince Charles met with members of St Yeghiche Armenian Church in London as part of his attempts to foster interfaith dialogue.

Charles participated in a service where prayers were said for those suffering because of their faith.

“It is literally heartbreaking to learn of the attacks on Christians and on the churches where they gather, such as the mindless, brutal destruction of the Armenian Church in Deir el-Zor earlier this year,” The Prince commented.

Charles addressed those in attendance by noting:

“This, Ladies and Gentlemen, is what we must all, as Christians, seek to do. As I have said before along with so many others I have been deeply distressed by the appalling, nightmare faced by Christians, and other minority communities in various parts of the Middle East. Every week I receive see letters from people who are gravely concerned about the persecuted church in the Middle East.”

Earlier this month, Charles delivered a video message for the charity Aid to the Church in Need to introduce their report: “Religious Freedom in the World.”

During his recorded message, The Prince of Wales commented: “It is an indescribable tragedy that Christianity is now under such threat in the Middle East; an area where Christians have lived for 2,000 years, and across which Islam spread in 700AD, with people of different faiths living together peaceably for centuries.”

In December 2013 The Prince voiced concern about the current difficulties facing Christians in some Middle-Eastern countries and visited the Coptic Orthodox Church Centre in Stevenage and the Syrian Orthodox Church in Acton.

Featured Image Credit: Catholic Church England via photopin cc

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