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Prince Charles Urged Not To Go To Iran

Prince Charles was urged by the Israel advocacy group “We Believe in Israel” (WBII), based in the UK, not to go any further with his planned visit to Iran.

It will be the first time a British royal has made an official visit to Iran in forty years, the last time being in 1975 when Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother visited. Visits before this were in the years 1971 and 1961, made by Princess Anne, Prince Philip, and Her Majesty The Queen.

With this trip, announced back in March by The Sunday Times, Prince Charles hoped to “use his role as a diplomat to further encourage the relationship and dialogue between the two countries”. It was stated that the Prince of Wales hopes to meet Iranian President Hassan Rouhanni and business leaders of the area; and also that he plans to visit the cities Isfahan and Shiraz. The last time Prince Charles visited was in 2004 after a horrible earthquake hit the city of Bam, fulfilling his duties as president of The British Red Cross.

According to The Jewish Chronicle, the director of WBII claimed that the organization was “disturbed” by the planned visit. He added, “We do not consider it appropriate for a member of the Royal Family to visit Iran and give credibility to the Iranian regime”. He also stated that the regime strongly practiced anti-Semitism, denied the Holocaust, and funded terrorist groups who called for the destruction of Israel.

WBII reached out to not only the Foreign Office but also The Prince’s private office, and asked them to reconsider the visit. “We find the proposed visit particularly strange as there has never been an official royal visit to Israel, the only democracy in the region.” After a meeting with the Iranian President back in March, Philip Hammond stated that “We are keen on taking practical measures for preparing the ground for the expansion of ties between the two countries.”

It is said that the Prince will tour the Islamic Republic during the autumn of this year. This trip serves the purposes of boosting trade and commercial ties between Iran and the U.K. and forming warmer relations between the two countries.

  • ThereisaGod

    Why do Zionist Jews panic and create public consternation whenever any public figure shows an intention to act against their wishes? Why should we all hate Iran just because Israel wants us to? Why did we attack Iraq, Libya and Syria? Why was there a huge push in 2008-10 for us to attack Iran. What good is any of this for British people?
    Do certain people think we exist to serve Israel? Martin Schultz, EU President, said quite recently that “Germany only exists to ensure the existence of Israel”. Astonishing but there you have it.
    Jewish solipsism in a nutshell.

  • Judge Dr3dd

    I certainly hope HRH Prince Charles isn’t put off by this irreverent tantrum. It is, and has always been, of paramount importance to maintain dialogue, especially in today’s troubled world. Israel may want to turn Iran into the next North Korea but it clearly benefits nobody. Prince Charles is ideally suited to this extending of the olive branch. I wish him a fruitful trip and it’s certainly far more preferable than sending one of our appalling politicians.

  • Jimmy Yost

    It kind of puzzles me as to why the Iranians would invite him to visit their country. Are they stupid?, or are they suicidal?, or have they been bitten by the gambling bug? Maybe the reason they did it is because they’re bored out of their tree and want some excitement.

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