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Prince Charles to return to Somerset village

The Prince of Wales will next week return to the village of Muchelney in Somerset where he will praise the high spirits of people caught up in the recent flooding.


In addition, His Royal Highness will admire beauty of the small village’s landscape and the positive consequences this has for tourism in the area.

The visit has been planned to recognise the fortitude and strength shown by the community during the flooding crisis earlier this year.

Prince Charles will also show appreciation for the support of organisations and individuals who brought aide and support to local farmers, agriculture and residents throughout the devastating circumstances.

The Prince’s visit to Muchelney will be the second time he has visited this year. In February, he came to see the impact of the flooding with his on eyes witnessing the effect on agriculture and the livelihoods of people on the Somerset Levels.

His Highness had to use an emergency boat to see the devastation as it was the only way he could safely get up close to the impact zone.

Unlike last time, the weather will be brighter on Tuesday for the visit where Charles will be joined by local residents and businesses for dinner.

The Prince will also be celebrating the beauty of the landscape and how it acts as a beautiful destination for visitors to enjoy.

photo credit: University Hospitals Birmingham via photopin cc

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