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Prince Charles to hold celebrity filled festival at Highgrove

He has always made his love for the great outdoors very clear, but now The Prince of Wales is set to hold a spectacular festival in his garden at Highgrove to celebrate the transformations that he has brought about in the place since his arrival there over 25 years ago.

‘Highgrove: The Garden Celebrated’, as the event is known, will take place between April 11th and 16th. Spanning six days, the festival will bring together the country’s best gardeners and horticultural experts. Among those in attendance will be TV gardener Alan Titchmarsh, celebrity chef Raymond Blanc, and former model Rachel de Thame.

According to Highgrove’s official website, The Garden Celebrated is “a festival of inspiring gardening events featuring some of the most applauded names in the industry; rich in garden inspiration and horticultural ingenuity, a true reflection and celebration of Highgrove.” The festival will “celebrate all that is Highgrove”, boasting an extraordinary plant fair, and a retail pavilion featuring a selection of exhibitions that are hand-picked by Highgrove itself.

Prince Charles has always been very proud of his Highgrove estate. The green-fingered Prince first came to Highgrove in 1980, and promptly began to manage the gardens surrounding the estate, ensuring that organic and sustainable practices were followed. The gardens at Highgrove are presently open to the public, and are home, among others, to a part of the national collection of Beech trees and large leaved Hostas. Vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, and brussels sprouts are grown in the kitchen garden. His Royal Highness also maintains a number of rare and endangered varieties of plants on the behalf of the National Council for the Conservation of Plants and Gardens, an organisation of which he is Patron.

Prince Charles is currently looking for two gardeners for Highgrove, who will follow the principles of sustainability and organic farming. He has professed his love for plants in the past, confessing that he does in fact talk to his plants on occasion.

  • Sophie Hawthorne

    Charles is not a gardener, he has never done a days work in his entitles and wrongly privileged life.He is so lazy he actually has a ‘little man’ to put the toothpaste on his brush. This rubbis is just one more demonstration of how out of touch the clown prince really is with the shambolic state of the UK.

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