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Prince Charles to don wellies and visit summer school

It will be back to school for Prince Charles on Thursday as he visits his own Food and Farming Summer School and makes a tour of Eastbrook Farm in Wiltshire.

On the visit, Charles will be meeting students and will hear from them the results of the ‘field lab’ research that has recently been undertaken by the Soil Association and the Organic Research Centre. The research was carried out as part of his Duchy Originals Future Farming Programme.


Founded back in 2007, the summer school has since inspired Prince Charles to take a keener interest in environmental sustainability. The heir to the throne also finds it vitally important to support the wider farming community and has been personally involved in the development of the programme. Interestingly a segment of the summer school is held at Prince Charles’s Gloucestershire estate, Highgrove and the Duchy Home Farm.

The aim of the summer school is to engage leading individuals in farming, food businesses and government organisations in addressing the challenges of producing sufficient food sustainability. The event is run by leading experts who present discussions but also participate in them too.

Duchy Originals Future Farming Programme is an avid supporter of innovation in sustainable agriculture and it helps British farmers identify and use practices to improve their productivity, but in a environmentally friendly way. The scheme involves farmers from across the country and will see them develop their techniques in improving yields and nutritional performance in organic and low input agriculture.

The DOFFP is funded by the Prince of Wales charitable foundation and is delivered by the Soil Association which is in partnership with Duchy Originals and Waitrose.

What makes this visit even more exciting for the Prince is the fact that it coincides with National Countryside Week, which is an annual campaign to celebrate all that is good about the British countryside. It also celebrates the people who live and work in our rural areas and is organised by The Prince’s Countryside Fund.

As previously reported by Royal Central, Prince Charles’s Duchy Originals is going from strength to strength. It was showcased at the Summer Fancy Food Show in New York City from the 29th June to the 1st July. One of the first organic food brands in Europe, Duchy Originals are one of the UK’s leading organic and sustainable food companies and every year, profits from the sale of their products go to many charitable causes.

photo credit: Peter Broster/Flickr (CC2.0)

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