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Prince Charles thanks Pakistani doctor who treated victims of Westminster terror attack

The Prince of Wales made a visit to King’s College Hospital in London on Friday to meet with the hospital staff that treated the victims of the 22 March terror attack in Westminster and to boost morale among the injured patients.

The team of doctors and staff who were on hand during the crisis were led by neurosurgeon Dr Irfan Malik, the senior team leader surgeon on call when the attack by terrorist Khalid Masood unfolded. Dr Malik told the Geo News that he was proud of the work done by his team during the crisis and to have been able to play his part in helping the victims of terror, especially as a Pakistani doctor.

Having originally trained in Pakistan Dr Malik spoke of the fact that Pakistanis know the impact of terrorism very well as, ‘unfortunately Pakistan has been a victim of terrorism and its name is associated with terrorism because of a minority.’

As soon as Dr Malik and his team were informed that a major incident with anticipated casualties had taken place they began to prepare. He said: ‘We got the wards ready immediately to admit the patients. Some were rushed in operation theatre immediately because they needed emergency treatment. We are always prepared for such situations as we go through demonstrations routinely to deal with such emergency situations.’

He continued: ‘It was a chaotic situation and patients who were brought in through air ambulance were injured seriously. Most of the injuries were of spine and brain.’

Of the Prince of Wales’ visit Dr Malik said: ‘I was told that the Prince would like to meet the surgeons who treated the patients and my name was put forward. When we met him, his highness appreciated us for our role and he made inquiries about the incident. The Prince of Wales was very happy that we supported patients.’

The terror attack on Westminster resulted in three fatalities and the hospitalisation of more than 50 bystanders.

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