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Prince Charles spends some time in Wales

The Prince of Wales Prince Charles spent Friday in South Wales for a pre-Christmas visit.

Part of the day was spent at Fitzalan High School where he met with teachers, children and Santa Claus.

The teachers and students he met with are taking part with two charities Prince Charles is Patron of; Teach First and Business in the Community.

Teach First is an educational charity working with the teachers at Fitzalan and thousands of other schools who are looking to improve the path of children who come from low-income households. More teachers (18 since 2003) have been placed at Fitzalan by Teach First than any other Welsh school.

The second charity, Business in the Community, connects business partners to schools so they may improve their resources.



The school’s students also treated the Prince to a performance.

While in South Wales, Prince Charles also met with an Inuit community in Llandovery.

The group of 17 members are visiting from Canada to learn how Wales promotes the Welsh language. In Canada, the numbers of people who speak Inuktitut are rapidly decreasing.Many of the elders from the Inuit community speak the language but the youth are dropping it with less than 36,000 total speakers in all of Canada.

The Welsh government has plans in effect to promote the Welsh language and have more than one million people speaking it in Wales by 2050.



The group visiting from Canada was made up for people from the ages of 28 to 75. The Inuit people come from Canada’s Arctic region.

Prince Charles first visited Canada in 1970, with a trip to the North-West Territories, sealing his relationship with the North. Through this relationship, the Inuits have requested that Prince Charles writes a letter to the Canadian government asking that Inuktitut is recognised as an official indigenous language.


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