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Prince Charles shows his grandfather side

On Monday, The Prince of Wales showed his grandfatherly side as he joined some toddlers in a sand pit.

Prince Charles visited the new bilingual nursery school at Llandovery College in Carmarthenshire which opened this past September.

The school, founded in 1848 ran into some debt trouble and taken over by a new company in 2012.

The Prince arrived at the nursery area, known as The Ford and was met by a small group of children. One of those children, four-year-old Martha Jones got the Prince to mimic farmyard animals.

Charles asked the girl: “Do you know where cheese comes from, what it’s made with?” As he told her about cheese and cow’s milk, The Prince of Wales impersonated the sound of the cow.

Charles was in full grandfather mode and moved to another area and joined a group playing in a sandpit. There he demonstrated how to make sand castles and filled a mould to make a seahorse.

As the visit continued, Charles met the Steffan Douch, the Head boy of the prep school. Steffan received a rare gift not many can claim they have; an autograph from Prince Charles.
The youngster fractured his arm and asked Charles to sign his cast.

“I understand that is quite an unusual for the Prince to sign autographs as it is against royal protocol. It was very nice of him,” replied college warden Guy Ayling.

“It has been a great pleasure to go around the nursery to see the development there you know that so many people want to send their children to that splendid place. If I may say so, I can only hope it has nothing but the greatest success and that the school will go on being such an important part of Llandovery and the whole area,” Charles commented at the unveiling of the plaque to commemorate the official opening.

The Prince has a farmhouse in nearby Myddfai that he and The Duchess of Cornwall use during their summer tour of Wales.

As Royal Central reported last week, Charles opened the newly restored workingmen’s institute, known as The Memo in Newbridge on Friday.

Following the visit to Newbridge, Prince Charles attended his second engagement of the day in Swansea to welcome 1st The Queen’s Dragoon Guards home.

Prince Charles, Colonel in Chief of the 1st The Queen’s Dragoon Guards, inspected troops at the Guildhall before the soldiers marched through the city centre.

The 1st The Queen’s Dragoon Guards are the final group of British soldiers that left Afghanistan’s Helmand Province earlier this year.

Feature photo credit: Chloe Howard 2014

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