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Prince Charles releases turtles while visiting Malta

Prince Charles is in Malta, where world leaders and scientists have gathered for the Our Oceans conference.

On Thursday, Prince Charles had the chance to release rehabilitated Tomasina the turtle back into the ocean after meeting with veterinarians from Nature Trust Malta. Prince Charles held the turtle before placing it in the sand and watched as it made its way back into the water.

The team at Nature Trust showed just some of the dangers the turtles have digested, including fishing line and a fishing hook.

Earlier in the day, Prince Charles gave the keynote speech at the Our Oceans conference. Afterwards, he spoke with Sky News about the fragile marine state, saying: “A classic example of proof of all this is what’s been going on on the east coast of Africa, where off Somalia all this piracy has been going on.

“As a result, there hasn’t been any fishing there for the last 10 or 15 years and from that there has been a fantastic explosion of bigger and bigger fish, all along the coast, because there hasn’t been the fishing.

“What you need to do is organise the fishing in a way that enables the fish, and everything the fish depend on, to survive in their eco-systems.’

“It’s no good just letting people fish everywhere, with their bigger and bigger boats, with cleverer and cleverer technology to find and suck up every single last fish – that’s crazy, that’s not conservation, it’s madness.

“That’s what’s being going on. I’m not saying you stop fishing – you have to do it in a way that will actually produce more fish.”

In between his keynote speech where he addressed the need to “act now” on the “tragedy” of the status of the coral reefs and releasing the turtle, Prince Charles made a stop in at the Princes Trust International Event where he met and spoke with youth from the Achieve and Get Into Programmes.


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