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Prince Charles: reducing deforestation key to preventing natural disasters caused by climate change

Prince Charles issues stern warning over lack of dealing with climate change.

Prince Charles issues stern warning over lack of dealing with climate change.

Speaking at the meeting on “Tropical Forests, Climate Change, Integrated Reporting and The Post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals” that took place on Wednesday at the Royal Society in London, The Prince of Wales implored governments to take further action in the climate change campaign.

Warning the gathering that the past floods in India and the recent catastrophic Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines will continue unless plans to curb greenhouse gas emissions were implemented to take on climate change, the Prince said:

“The devastating impact of Typhoon Haiyan in The Philippines should surely have been a poignant and telling reminder of the intimacy and interdependence of man’s relationship with the natural world,” in a statement via Clarence House.

The meeting was scheduled as the government has guaranteed to subsidize £74 million to sponsor a programme intended to protect the earth’s forests whilst meetings at the United Nations in regards to climate change resumed.

Speaking with a sense of urgency, Charles remarked:

“The facts and the science are clear and inescapable you would have thought, and so before us we have a rapidly narrowing window of opportunity – as individuals, as governments, companies, nations, and as an international community – to act with the scale and urgency needed to undertake the transition towards a radically more sustainable and resilient long-term global economic model.”

A tireless supporter of environmental issues including climate change, he alluded to his recent trip to India and speaking with those in Uttarakhand, the Himalayan region where the floods caused over 5,700 people to perish and thousands to be made homeless.

“The Chief Minister of that state bent my ear about the disaster and the problems they were having trying to come to terms with what are likely to be even more extreme weather events,” he said.

Charles thought that the role of private companies can also be pivotal in the reduction of deforestation and climate change: “all around the world we are faced increasingly with the complications caused by sometimes an inability to take the necessary action.”

Joining the UK in a new endeavour are the United States and Norway. The trio of countries will work closer with the World Bank to decrease greenhouse gasses that are brought about by deforestation. Jointly they will provide around £173 million directed at assisting areas to avoid the cutting down of trees.

Thanking everyone for attending, he concluded: “there is no doubt that your collective, integrated influence and weight are crucial ingredients in delivering the kind of determined action that can transform seemingly endless discussions, debate and negotiation into the safe level resilient and more harmonious world we so urgently need for our children and grandchildren.”

photo credit: European Parliament via photopin cc

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