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Prince Charles plans on building a fort when he is King

While in India for the last day of his Commonwealth tour Prince Charles was quizzed by primary school children who wanted to know things such as his favourite actors and books.

When quizzed upon his favourite book he remarked that there were “so many to choose from.” He asked the children if they’d read Harry Potter yet.

Prince Charles remarked while being asked who his favourite actor was, that “There is a very good actor called Sir Anthony Sher who is a brilliant Shakespearean actor”. He added that “There are lots of others though.”

Pragya, a curious nine-year-old girl, had a very specific question. She asked Prince Charles if he planned on building a fort when he became King. He exclaimed “I will!” prompting laughter from the pupils.

Afterwards, he clarified that he wasn’t planning on building any forts. It was a funny moment on the final day of a long tour. The Commonwealth tour has seen Prince Charles, alongside the Duchess of Cornwall, visit Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia, and New Dehli, where the smog was so thick that it was said to be equivalent to smoking 50 cigarettes a day.

During his visit to the primary school, he received a performance of a song about unity, with accompaniment from Music Bus, a charity that works with slum children

He gave his last speech in at the British High Commision in India where he spoke positively on the bonds between India and Britain. He highlighted how important the diversity of the Commonwealth was.

He said diversity was to be celebrated and protected “not only because it is so central to our identities and our sense of belonging, but also, if I may say so because it offers us the best hope of addressing the most pressing challenges of our time.”


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