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Prince Charles on good-will tour of hurricane damaged Caribbean

Prince Charles has landed in the Caribbean to witness some of the damage left by hurricanes earlier this year.

The trip over the weekend will be the first official visits to Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica and The British Virgin Islands for the heir to the throne.

Hurricanes Irma and Maria caused havoc in September 2017 to which the British Government has said they will “stand by” their financial commitment to the islands with £12million for Dominica and £3million for Antigua and Barbuda

While on his trip, the Prince of Wales will meet charities and organisations, such as the British Red Cross, that have set up relief efforts to help the citizens of the island.

Prince Charles landed on a scheduled British Airways flight with the new International Development Secretary Penny Mordaunt in Antigua and Barbuda Friday afternoon where the Governor General, Rodney Williams, and Prime Minister, Gaston Browne, met them at the airport. The prince’s youngest son, Prince Harry, visited the area in 2016.

Penny Mordaunt recently replaced Priti Patel, making this her first overseas trip.


Mordaunt said of the trip: “The UK aid mission was huge, covering small islands stretching more than 1,000 miles apart, where buildings, airports and infrastructure had been razed to the ground.

“I want to pay tribute to the governments of the Overseas Territories, our humanitarian staff and to the military effort, which has been absolutely essential in delivering relief.

“Now as we move on from the immediate response phase, on to the long-term future of the islands, Britain will continue to stand by people whose lives were devastated.

“We are also talking to the international private sector who can support the reconstruction efforts to make sure the islands can build back, and better.”

HRH’s first order of business was a shelter in Antigua for Barbudan evacuees. The prince heard “how the community helped to support those evacuated from Barbuda in many ways, including donating clothes and food,” according to Clarence House.

Prince Charles spoke to families affected by the evacuations and crouched down to speak with a group of children busy colouring.

Many Antiguans have donated clothes, toys and food for the Barbudan evacuees. Some have even opened their homes for their neighbours.




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