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Prince Charles misses opportunity to see elephants in Indian rain-forest

Downpour ruins Prince Charles' 'elephant Corridor' visit.

Downpour ruins Prince Charles ‘elephant Corridor’ visit.

It was neither the rain nor his suit becoming rather muddy today that ruined the Prince of Wales’ day. It was the extra amount of security that ruined the opportunity to view the elephants in the Vazhachal Forest.

What was planned to be one of the highlights of the Royal trip to India, ended up being a wash out, literally. Charles was drenched whilst waiting by a watering hole in hopes of catching a glimpse of the declining breed of Asian elephants.

The ‘elephant corridor’ as it is well known was created to possibly slow weakening numbers of the native elephants.

Unfortunately, the naturally shy beasts were likely spooked by the massive amount of police and military called up for security for Charles visit.

“On every other occasion in my life that I’ve gone to these things it’s the same – it’s the security that ruins everything,” Charles lamented according to The Daily Mail.

“It’s Murphy’s Law. Everybody always says, ‘the day before people saw God knows what’,” he said.

After a two and a half hour journey into the jungle of Kerlala, he spent a mere five minutes by the watering hole, before hopping back into the Range Rover, sopping wet from head to toe.

The visit was intended to raise awareness of the plight of the gentle beast that is slowly becoming extinct. Charles has joined Prince William’s crusade to ban illegal wildlife trade.

“They are going to have to do something about the illegal wildlife trade. It has become appalling. You will lose all the elephants, here and in Africa,” Charles remarked.

Joining the trip today was Mark Shand, the Duchess of Cornwall’s brother. Shand is the founder of Elephant Family, a charity that seeks to protect the threatened animals since 2002.

Missing out on seeing the elephants, Shand felt Charles may have not really minded. “What he enjoyed was standing there listening to the forest in a perfect, pristine rain forest – rain forest being the operative word,” commented Shand.

The Royal couple will leave India on Thursday and head to Sri Lanka, where Charles will host the Commonwealth Heads Of Government Meeting as Her Majesty’s representative.

photo credit: Karen Roe via photopin cc

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