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Prince Charles meets up with Sir Richard Branson while viewing hurricane damage

On Friday, Prince Charles started the second day of his whirlwind trip to the Caribbean to take in the damage done by Hurricane’s Irma and Maria by visiting The Holy Trinity School.

As The Prince of Wales stood amongst the rubble, Clarence House tweeted a side-by-side photo of Prince Harry at the very same school just last year laughing with children.

Only around 100 of the 1,700 residents of Barbuda remain on the island.

Speaking to the BBC, Prince Charles said: “It was painful beyond words to see the devastation that was so cruelly wrought across the Caribbean by Hurricanes Irma and Maria in those few, terrible weeks in September.”

Adding on: “the loss of life and property and the damage to the natural environment have been utterly heartbreaking”.

From there, Prince Charles headed to the main island of the British Virgin Island, Tortola. He stopped at another school hit by the category five storm, Elmore Stoutt High School which is beyond repair. The school was the primary-secondary school on the island.

Later at a reception held for the people who helped the citizens of Tortola after the storms, Prince Charles met with the Sir Richard Branson, who also calls the British Virgin Island’s home.


Sir Richard owns the private island, Necker, which he waited the storm out on. After the hurricanes had passed, the owner of Virgin Atlantic, loaded an Antigua bound flight with recovery items such as bottled water and blankets.

Speaking to the Press Association, Sir Richard said: “As far as the British Virgin Islands (BVI) are concerned the people were magnificent in the way they pulled together, everybody’s helping everybody.

“People have lost their homes, and others are putting them up, everybody’s helping trying to get water back and electricity back on, and it’s been tremendous.

“Strangely I sometimes think that in these crisis situations the community comes out even stronger after, than before.

“In times of trouble people pull together like never before, it’s been like a war situation.”

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